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6/19/2013 – Enhanced Virtual Private Server Performance with VPS Optimized!

Posted by Jamison on 19 06 2013.

People always look for the finest solutions that offer enhanced performance. This is most specifically for individuals who use web and server management solutions like cPanel and WHM.


Experts behind cPanel understand what each client needs and understand their specific profiles and promote better solution in the process. Website owners use dedicated servers while others opt for virtual private servers or also known as VPS. But regardless of the server type, cPanel is always after performance and promote solutions like VPS Optimized.


Why use VPS


Consumers have various reasons in choosing their servers. Those who use VPS are usually after its affordable price that matches their business size. Starting business owners are usually looking for savings since they are just starting their online businesses and VPS serves as a good server solution even at its price.


Compared to dedicated servers, VPS only offers web owners their personal servers in a hard drive, which is shared with other users. Hence, the number of people accessing the server disk can have an effect on their performance. This is where cPanel’s VPS Optimized solution comes in.


VPS Optimized: An overview


Designed for people who purchased VPS license, VPS Optimized gives you the power to use your cPanel without problems even with memory usage constraints set in your server’s hardware. Naturally, many people use the server drive and decrease server’s performance for users. This, however, will not be problematic for you by using VPS Optimized in your server.


Even with enhanced performance, you will still use the usual features offered by cPanel so you will not have any problems using it for web and server management in the process.


Why is there a need for VPS Optimized


Naturally, server providers want everyone to have fair use of their hardware solutions for their own servers. Hence, they placed RAM constraints in every virtual server configured in a server disk. Even if you feel that your server’s performance is acceptable, it will not hurt to experience optimized performance with the help of VPS Optimized. In fact, you’ll see its importance in the long run when the number of websites to manage using cPanel increased. All you need to do is to configure this solution in your cPanel and take pleasure on its offered performance that you never experienced before.


Proven to work after completing a series of testing


Before releasing updates or solutions, cPanel assures to subject them to testing for guaranteed, flawless performance and deliver what it promised when released. As for VPS Optimized, the tests include stability and quality with the help of experts who work for the company. Test showed that utilizing this solution significantly reduce memory usage set within the server and guarantees smoother performance than unoptimized servers.


VPS Optimized is undoubtedly an important component in maintaining your server. Even if you are on a budget by using VPS, you will gain the same cPanel technology when used with the system. You can manage your VPS and website with ease with increased performance compared to what other website owners use.