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6/18/2014 – Dedicated Server Firewall Options

Posted by Jamison on 18 06 2014.

Security is an important investment for everyone in the online industry, particularly those utilizing dedicated servers. Today’s technology gives way to hackers to gain access to the server and obtain information that may compromise the customers’ account. This is a huge loss for dedicated servers with all the files and individual accounts saved in them.


One of the good things about dedicated serves is they come with enhanced security, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t benefit from firewall protection. In fact, firewall should be among the topmost considerations in choosing a dedicated server. For enhanced server protection, dedicated server providers allow you to choose different firewall options for your servers like the following:


Self-managed firewall


Self-managed firewall means the server subscriber itself is the one to deal with firewall protection within the online storage system. Since the client manages the firewall, service providers won’t charge additional fees to set it up. This procedure is cakewalk for highly technical individuals while several guides are available online to make setting up possible.


In managing the firewall, the user himself will deal with malicious traffic trying to gain access to the server. Blocking is monitored while several programs can also deliver reports about blocked traffic. This solution is beneficial for those planning to save money while ensuring they are aware of what’s going on in the server.


Managed firewall


A managed firewall is one of the optional add-ons a client can choose with the server plan. In this option, a specific team or individual is handling firewall configuration and monitoring for the client. This saves the actual client the time used for firewall protection and configuration.


Dedicated server providers can offer this solution fronting their security team, which are composed of individuals with certification from different authorities in the online industries. They are knowledgeable of different operating systems used on servers as well as proper firewall monitoring procedures. As expected from the service, they can also deliver reports about the firewall setting and the blocked traffic getting to the server.


Under the managed firewall option comes two other selections that will suit the clients’ needs. First is the shared managed firewall, a service shared with other server clients. A team handles multiple firewall configurations for numerous clients. Nevertheless, the service is still vital in improving server security.


The next option is the dedicated managed firewall, which is only used by a single client. This means that the firewall is dedicated for a single client together with a team. Choosing this option is considered as the best firewall option for companies with higher needs for security. Clients can be confident that there’s a specific individual solely assigned for their own firewall. Of course, a dedicated managed firewall means more expensive additional fees to set up and monthly rates.


Firewall protection is crucial for every server regardless of their type. Having these firewall options allow clients to be more confident on dedicated server providers. Choosing among these options depend on the clients’ budget, technical knowledge, and specific security requirements.