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6/17/2014 – Discovering Hex and Octa Core Processors

Posted by Jamison on 17 06 2014.

Using a dedicated server for your online business or company highlights its stability. It leaves an impression that your business has expanded to the point of better server needs and more money to afford the service.


Most common processor options in dedicated servers are dual-core and quad-core options. Core is defined as the number of independent central processing units running in a single processor chip. Hence, a dual-core and a quad-core processor means having two and four central processing units, respectively. However, modern technological advancements give way to the birth of hex- and octa-core processors for dedicated servers.


What are hex-core and octa-core processors?


These processors have more CPUs running in a single chip than dual-core and quad-core. Hex-core has six CPUs and octa-core has eight CPUs. Dual-cores and quad-cores are already running flawlessly on dedicated servers. This means that those processors with higher core counts will have light speed performance than the previous processor releases.


Nowadays, numerous companies release their own versions of hex-cores and quad-cores, allowing clients to choose among their preferred brands.


When should you invest on hex-cores and octa-cores?


Just like any dedicated server running on dual-core and quad-core processors, these latest processors boost the hosting service prices. Hence, many individuals want to know about the indications when a client should invest on these processors. This service is not for everyone according to their current business status.


Several indications can be considered that it’s time to move to dedicated servers with these processors. One is when the company started to gain more users that already start to affect the server’s performance. Multiple users mean more individuals competing for resource usage. This results to overall system slow down and may affect the website’s performance as well together with its installed apps.


High-end hosting requirements are also the primary indicators that hex-core and octa-core processors will certainly meet. This is also considered as a way to exceed the needs of increasing number of hosting clients. All these clients will save numerous files that may affect the entire server processes. Having this processor boosted with an enormous memory volume will certainly benefit customers.


Another indication is a growing number of heavy applications running on the dedicated servers. Many companies invest on dedicated servers for their website file storage and application development. Furthermore, they utilize platforms to aid in developing these programs. Running all these processes in a dedicated server will consume allocated resources. Match this with nonstop website and server file access and the server might slow down in no time. It’s better to be prepared by having hex-cores and octa-cores running with the server.


Prices of servers with these cores


Price is a main concern in obtaining dedicated servers. Servers running on hex-cores or octa-cores mean they are more expensive because of their high-end features. A client thinking of obtaining this service must consider their budget to avoid wasting money.


Hex-cores and octa-cores are modern processors used in many dedicated servers today. Check your server needs and see if these processors are advantageous investments for you or not.