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6/16/2014 – Understanding cPanel & WHM’s Security System

Posted by Jamison on 16 06 2014.

Security has been an ongoing issue for every website owner and data center across the globe. One security breach and it a website or the entire server will be all gone. Furthermore, accounts may also be compromised and put the business out of the scene forever.


With cPanel’s reliability, many individuals wish to know how the company is able to keep servers protected with this control panel. They want to understand why many website owners and other internet industry professionals trust cPanel. Here are the security features that make up cPanel’s security system.


Password protect directories


A server can save numerous accessible files and directories for users. However, some files are meant to be classified or should be inaccessible for security purposes. cPanel allows website owners to seal them in directories through its password protection system. Users will keep every classified file in a single or several folders and assign passwords for protection. Users wishing to access these folders should enter their login details like valid username and password before gaining access. This feature is valuable for individuals wanting to preserve information first before actually launching it to the market or on the website. The system prevents information leakage and protects the website’s integrity.


HotLink Protection


Hotlinking is a genius process of utilizing an image and post it on another website. Taking the picture’s URL and placing them with HTML codes like <img> and [img] for blogs or other forums. While this is a convenient method for the poster, hotlinking poses problems for the server users as it its bandwidth. Too many hotlinked files will consume bandwidth and compromise the hosted website. HotLink Protection will prevent others from linking from an image or other files, ensuring bandwidth is conserved properly.


IP Deny Manager


IP abuse is a common problem among websites, which lead their web admins to look for preventative solutions for this issue. IP Deny Manager from cPanel allows users to block IP addresses. Configurations include blocking a single IP or range of IP address from a certain location. The best thing about this feature is it can also block the actual domain in case the IP address resolves.


Leech Protect


Leeching is also common on websites considering the number of individuals sharing passwords to the public. This feature protects contents and data while allowing users to redirect the visitor to another URL of their choice. This prevents wave of visits to the compromised account.


SSH/Shell Access


File transfers are necessary, but the problem comes if there is no sufficient file protection during the remote login process. This feature will encrypt the data to guarantee secure connection. Even with its improved security feature, it is very easy to use and setting up mange key is simple contrary to what most people think.


cPanel is big on security and incorporates highly secure system that protects files and websites from unauthorized access. This security system is regarded as a great investment for everyone wishing to boost their website and business competitiveness in the online industry.