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6/15/2015 – Hosting with cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 15 06 2015.

As one of the leading web-based website hosting control systems today, there is no doubt that cPanel is one of the best choices when it comes to such products and services. Its extremely user-friendly interface, coupled with its wide array of tools and features, allows for quicker and much simpler website administration and management.



cpanelUsers who do not have that much experience working with web hosting control panels will not have that much of a difficulty when using this system. In fact, there is really no need for extremely advanced technical know-how just to take advantage of all the great and beneficial features it is incorporated with. In a nutshell, having a great website has been made easier by cPanel, which is why it is highly recommended that users host with the software this year.


For those who are still undecided as to whether or not hosting with cPanel is the right decision to make this year, below are some of the key benefits they will get to enjoy if they do:


Easy database management and simplified website administration


The software comes packed with database management tools, features that allow for the creation of a mysql database through the use of the phpmyadmin. Inserting dates into the database, creating tables and deleting hem, importing SQL files, and backing up the database can all be performed with the use of this system.


Advanced and innovative features


Generating and downloading full backups can be made easier through the use of cPanel. Users can may also choose to download their home backups and restore them in the future. Backing up MySQL is another task that can done quickly with this system. Creating database and cron jobs as well as deleting them can also be performed in a less-time consuming manner.


Website maintenance tools


There are tools incorporated into the cPanel’s interface designed to help users maintaining their websites. For example, FrontPage Extensions can be installed and uninstalled depending on the needs of the user. Users are also provided with a way to create views of their preferred custom error pages, a task that can be done through the service status. Adding parked domains, creating addon domains, and adding FTP accounts or deleting them are just some of the other abilities of cPanel that help maintain websites optimally.


E-mail functionalities


The system possesses email functionalities that website owners will really find useful. Email accounts can be created as well as email forwarders. These can also be deleted quickly. Email account passwords can be changed, unwanted emails blocked and filtered, and an auto responder being added.


Online protection and security


Last, but not the least, is the fact that cPanel has been designed in such a way that it helps ensure website owners and users are protected and secure from potential online threats. Directories created can be secured with passwords. Directory browsing activities can be configured so that only a select few can access them. IP addresses can also be blocked and later unblocked.  A website’s hotlink protection can also be turned on or off. The cPanel account password can also be easily changed.