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6/12/2015 – Secure Your Sites: cPanel Security Advisor

Posted by Jamison on 12 06 2015.

One of the biggest priorities that individuals who manage or host web servers and websites is security. There are just so many potential threats and risks that can wreak havoc to websites and lead to loss of business, which is why ensuring site security is a must at all times. Fortunately, those who make use of cPanel are provided with a much easier and less time-consuming way to do just this.


WHM, cPanel’s system administrator, is incorporated with a very useful tool that allows users to scan their servers for any potential security risks and issues. The same tool also provides them with details in the event that possible problems are found. Information about how serious they are is also included. And once the problems have been fixed, a notification will also be delivered to the users.


Where to find and access the tool


timthumbTo begin making use of all the benefits that the Security Advisor tool WHM is equipped with, users can just head to this specific directory: Home >> Security Center >> Security Advisor. This can be done while a user is on the cPanel Home screen. The experts at cPanel highly advise users to make use of this tool on a regular basis so that issues can be found quickly and resolved as soon as possible.


Once a user is at the Security Advisor interface, the tool will provide details regarding the last date a scan was performed. It will also inform the user the length of time it took for the entire scan to be completed. To conduct a new scan, users can click on the option that says “Scan.” Clicking on “Scan Again” will also begin a new scan.


Detected issues


After a new scan has been performed the, Security Advisor tool will categorize issues that it has detected. There are four categories in which these issues are divided into. These include the following:


  • Red (Warnings). If an issue has been detected and it has been categorized by Security Advisor as a “Red” issue, the user should have it addressed as soon as possible. This serves as a “warning” that the issue can potentially become a security risk or a serious problem with the solver.


  • Yellow (Possible Issue). Issues detected and classified under the “Yellow” category are basically undetermined. They may be critical issues, but they may also just be minor ones. However, to establish their seriousness, users need to conduct a more thorough investigation.


  • Gray (Information). Issues that are under the “Gray” category are not actually security concerns. They are more of a useful suggestion. In most cases, it pays to follow these recommendations to prevent potential security risks in the future.


  • Green (Resolved). Issues that are under this category mean that they have already been resolved.


In most cases wherein a user runs the WHM Security Advisor tool and it finds an issue, instructions on how to deal with it is often provided. There are even times wherein the notification from the tool will include a link that will redirect the user to the correct section of WHM wherein the issue can be fixed. After completing all the recommendations presented by the tool, users should once again perform a scan to be certain that the issues have been completely fixed.