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6/12/2014 – Monitoring Your Bandwidth Usage

Posted by Jamison on 12 06 2014.

Aside from storage capacity, many individuals choose dedicated servers because of their enormous bandwidth allocation. Depending on the dedicated server plan, a company may offer 10 terabytes up to a whopping 100 terabytes of bandwidth. Of course, the company may charge overage in case a client went over this limit.


The importance of bandwidth has been emphasized in numerous write-ups. Consuming all the bandwidth may result to website inaccessibility or problematic data transfer for file downloads, which is vital for many websites. Thus, highlighting the importance of monitoring bandwidth usage.


Monitoring bandwidth usage


You should see the amount of bandwidth used either weekly or monthly. Several individuals even commit in checking their daily bandwidth usage just to gauge whether they are going over their limits or not. They employ several methods to ensure sufficient bandwidth before the allocation resets.


Aside from bandwidth usage, these users want to know if some individuals abuse their bandwidth limit and result to DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks. In this service, abusers will target the bandwidth to the point when legitimate users won’t be granted website services or access. They wish to know which IP addresses do the attack and block them as soon as possible.


Another main bandwidth usage is when people hotlink files from a website. They combine the file’s URL with specific HTML codes. The source’s bandwidth is consumed each time the file, usually images, load. More individuals that hotlink images can be a problem for the server user.


The best way of monitoring bandwidth


Reports about bandwidth usage is usually presented in numeric values. However, the best way to monitor bandwidth is by having graphical representations of the usage. This will help you gauge the bandwidth usage trend and do something for any suspicious activity. Therefore, you must look for solutions that will give you such graphical representations.


Available programs for bandwidth monitoring


With its importance, many developers created applications that can give graphical reports of bandwidth usage for monitoring purposes. First, you may want to check the dedicated server company as they often include their own graphical reports with the service. They have details about this reporting system on their websites.


Another option is by installing a third party program for monitoring purposes. The good news is many of these programs are available for free. You can check them out online together with the ratings they receive from server professionals as well as users.


If you’re looking for a complete server monitoring solutions, you can find other third party programs that report all server processes including bandwidth transfers. These solutions, however, come with additional prices due to their added features. Nevertheless, these features are worth investing, particularly if you’re looking for a monitoring solution that does everything.


Monitoring your server’s bandwidth usage is vital and many server users support this claim. Be sure to regularly check your usage through graphical reports using a free or a paid program. Be mindful of bandwidth usage to avoid suspicious attacks that may compromise your website’s integrity.