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6/11/2014 – Customize Your Server Performance

Posted by Jamison on 11 06 2014.

Boosted features make dedicated servers a great investment for companies that show continuous growth in the long run. Its performance will run flawlessly despite all the individuals using its resources. This is also the reason why dedicated servers have higher rates.


Despite its stellar features, you can still improve or enhance its performance to suit your requirements. Several features can be customized with simple plan configurations upon obtaining the plan. Here are the ways on how you can boost your dedicated server’s performance.


Choose a higher processor


Processor is the main component to choose from in a server. You will find a lot of processor types with different core count. Your minimum option is dual core while you can obtain octa-core processors. Octa-core refers to processors with eight central processing units operating in a single chip. Dual-core operates with two cores, which is quite slower than quad-cores, hex-cores and octa-cores although they still work effectively for clients.


Aside from single chip, you can choose dual hex and octa-cores, which highly boost your server’s performance. Keep in mind, however, that higher core count means higher prices as well and may be impractical for newly expanding businesses.


Boost up hard drive


Another common feature clients often enhance in dedicated servers are hard drives. Base plan rates include specific storage capacity and a single disk. The lowest hard drive storage capacity you can get today is 500 GB while you can get several terabytes for your file storage. You can enhance performance by increasing the storage capacity for your server or add several disks if possible.


For enhanced performance, choose higher storage capacity aside from what the plan offers or you can add more disks. A secondary drive can be installed together with the primary drive for boosted capacity. You can even improve performance by applying RAID controller that will control communication in between two disks. This enhances performance while boosting storage size.


Power up memory module


Memory module contributes to speed as it works with disk processes. Considering all dedicated server providers today, the lowest memory module you can get is 2 gigabytes per server. However, you can supersize memory module capacity, boosting it up to 8 gigabytes if necessary. Matching this together with high-end processes and great hard drive guarantee superb performance at all times.


Add cloud solution


Cloud solution is the new age technology used for scalability and storage. Adding this solution with your dedicated server will boost performance since more superior architecture supports processes. The good thing about cloud storage solution is clients have an option to choose public or private cloud. Clients with higher needs due to large files and heavy programs will benefit from merging cloud with actual server disk.


Customizing server performance mainly focus on having the best hardware to start the service. Keep in mind that you must meet the performance according to your needs and budget. Compare all the customizable solutions that come with your servers and guarantee savings while investing on the best plan for your business.