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6/10/2014 – Decoding Your Server Provider Bill

Posted by Jamison on 10 06 2014.

Price is often the main consideration in getting dedicated server plans. This is the main reason why many starting and experienced entrepreneurs cannot obtain a dedicated server. However, future expansion will benefit from its high-end features.


If you’re curious as to how a dedicated server bill a person signing up for the service, you will be surprised with the number of add-ons that are included as well as those that require additional fees. Here are the bill charges you may incur in getting a dedicated server plan.


Base plan charges


Base plan charges are the amount you often see upon logging on to the dedicated server providers’ websites. They include specific types of server essentials and other features. In this charge, you’ll get the processor, hard drive, memory module, operating system, control panel, and basic bandwidth plan. You need to pay these charges monthly to continue using the server or you can sign for a yearly contract. This all depends on what the dedicated server provider’s offer. Pay for the asked price if you won’t order add-ons or configurations.


Hardware configurations


This part of the bill includes all the upgrades obtained but are not included in the plan. You already have the hardware specs included in the base price although you can still customize the service according to your needs. This will show the number of added hard drives, memory modules and RAID controllers.


Bandwidth configurations


Similarly with hardware, you have a specific bandwidth allocation with your main plan. If you need more bandwidth, you can select additional bandwidth options to match your requirements. Some companies may offer 5 terabyte of bandwidth or up to 100 terabyte. Keep in mind that these have different charges. Be mindful of your options to ensure you’ll get the best bandwidth according to your budget.


Windows operating system option


Server plans usually include free Linux, FreeBSD or Ubuntu operating systems. Some individuals, however, prefer Windows server operating system. Settling for this operating system comes with additional fee considering the platform’s licenses. You can choose from Server 2008 and up. Keep in mind that the later version is more expensive than the 2008 version.


Managed services


Managed services like firewall, backups and others are extra services offered by the plan provider. They assign specific individuals to do the task for you and conserve your time. Just like other add-ons, obtaining managed services have extra charges and can be quite expensive.


IP addresses


Individuals setting up email campaigns will benefit from multiple IP addresses, which have recurring prices. If you wish to add more IP addresses, choose the number of IPs you want to add and consider their prices. Adding IPs is not recommended if you don’t have time-strict email campaigns.


Billing for getting a dedicated server is easy to understand. They are composed of these features and additional services that you might need. Consider your options appropriately to avoid getting the most surprising bill beyond your budget. Look for dedicated server providers with straightforward information about these charges.