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6/10/2013 – cPanel Reaches Out to Users through Various Support Modes

Posted by Jamison on 10 06 2013.

Professionals leave remarkable impressions in their respective industries. As for cPanel, it impressed individuals who look for the finest web and server management system with its platform and build that outranks competitors.


Nevertheless, the company did not only gain respect due to cPanel and WHM but also with its offered support for everyone who employs this platform for website and server management. As a top company, cPanel makes sure to offer support whenever users need them and they set various support modes that help users with their queries like the following.




News updates delivers the latest updates informing users about the needed solutions to install for their cPanel. Updates include platform builds, script updates, security solution, and a lot more. These details are important for consumers to take advantage of the latest solutions that make cPanel and WHM more efficient than before.


Aside from updates, End of Life reports on early cPanel versions are reported to let everyone know that its earlier versions will not be available for download. A cPanel version does not last forever as the company will release new builds that will benefit users in the future. Hence, they need to let go of other versions and stop providing updates for them in the process.




Blog posts are geared to introducing what the company does outside the online world. It can also be considered as news updates but concentrating on their activities outside the Internet industry. They also take part in other activities in other locations and educate people about cPanel.




Podcasts are streamed audio of different interviews with cPanel experts. They are informative interviews teach people about various processes that run using the system. Actual application of fixes and maintenance procedures are introduced through interview recordings and are accessible for cPanel users. For example, podcasts concentrate on various topics such as malware attacks, how to protect cPanel from these attacks, and best practices to follow in terms of system management.




Similarly with podcasts, these videos are informative media that introduce cPanel and its processes. However, videos are more beneficial for educational purposes since it has visual instructions, making it easier for watchers to follow.




These are detailed online documents with information about specific cPanel solutions offered by the developer. Documentations introduce a cPanel solution, versions and updates, and essential terminologies every cPanel users should learn. Most of the time, people consider these documents as highly technical contents but worth reading, particularly for those who want to know more about cPanel in depth.




Just like other forums, this is the portal where people can ask experts about specific problems concerning their cPanel systems. Some experts or long-time cPanel users came up with fixes for various problems and help novice users who have question about this platform.


With cPanel, everyone will have the best support when it comes to knowing this platform as well as its offered feature. To learn more about this great web management tool, be sure to visit the website and discover how these support modes will be helpful for you.