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6/09/2014 – Solving Server Hardware Issues

Posted by Jamison on 09 06 2014.

Anyone active in the online world as website owner or developer will understand how expensive dedicated server plans are. Their features and specs speak for themselves in terms of performance. Hence, their prices are worth the servers’ performance.


As for technical support, many people are curious as to how a technical support specialists fix hardware issues on servers. Server disks run with processors and memory modules, which mean that one of them may fail from some time. The repair process include several steps like the following:


Reports or ticket receipt


Server problems, whether hardware or software level, will show some signs for clients. Some may find their servers or website inaccessible. Others may experience other problems. Solving these issues start with alerting the dedicated server providers’ technical support team.


Depending on the offered mode, you can send technical issues through phone, email, chat or support ticket. A representative will receive the problem and will continue with the next step.


Problem exploration


A technical support representative will explore the issue with the client through the aforementioned means. The expert asks some questions about the problem like error messages or the main issue experienced. Several troubleshooting methods may be conducted just to rule out whether the issue is on the hardware or software. If initial exploration shows possible hardware problems, the technician will do the next procedure by forwarding the inquiry to the data center where the hardware is kept.


Hardware testing


Technical support individuals with limited access can only send reports or trouble ticket to the main data center. The data center people will be the ones to test the hardware themselves. They have all the necessary tools to solve the problem. Experts will read the initial troubleshooting procedures to know where they should pickup.


Troubleshooting procedures


As mentioned earlier, servers have several components and all of them should be checked to know the issue’s cause. They will troubleshoot whether the disk itself, processor or memory module is failing. Upon knowing the cause, the data center professionals will continue with the repair process.


Conducting repair procedure


Hardware issues don’t mean immediate hardware failure. Some problems can be fixed by the technicians. They will apply necessary repairs on the server components after testing and make it function again immediately.


Hardware replacement


In many cases, hardware replacement is the last resort in solving server issues. The hardware components may be failing and beyond repair. Depending on the company, they can replace the hardware within an hour or so. Server companies understand how their disks are vital for your website and business. They will replace them immediately to restore functionality.


Monitoring solved issue


Once solved, technical support experts will monitor if the server will have problems again or not. They will monitor the server on their end and contact clients for follow-up. Preventative measures may also be conducted at this point.


Without a doubt, hardware issue is a huge problem for webhosting clients. However, don’t worry as technical support professionals are around to solve these issues for you immediately and avoid serious issues that may affect your business.