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6/08/2015 – A Look in cPanel’s New Software Development Kit

Posted by Jamison on 08 06 2015.

Earlier this year, the developers behind cPanel announced the launch of its brand new Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK underwent a complete overhaul, resulting in an entirely different yet even more impressive product. To ensure that users will not have any problems migrating into the new kit, the creators of the Linux-based web hosting control panel has also released a completely rewritten development documentation.


Overview of the New Software Development Kit Features and Components


According to the documentation team over at cPanel, there are quite a number of new features and components that make the new SDK even more exciting and beneficial to use. Some of these aspects include the following:


  • cPanel-IconEasier-to-understand, navigate, and more comprehensive documentation for the brand new cPanel SDK.
  • New layout made even more user-friendly.
  • New Quickstart Development Guide specifically designed with new developers in mind, especially those who are not sure of where and how to begin.
  • API code samples for all functions.
  • Integration system code samples as well as more in-depth documentation, including those that are for the LiveAPI system and the Standardized Hooks system.
  • Step-by-step guides and tutorials for performing the most common cPanel tasks and functions.


Comprehensive and Fresh Documentation for the New SDK


One of the major developments with cPanel’s new SDK is the documentation that came along with its release. Before the launch of the restyled and redesigned kit, those who have been using cPanel for quite some time now had to deal with a somewhat outdated guide. It also did not cite as many examples as users may have wanted, especially in terms of sample codes. This led to a bit of confusion among users, particularly those who have just begun utilizing the control panel.


These issues have been resolved by the experts behind cPanel after they rolled out the fresh and more comprehensive documentation together with the new SDK. Now, users are provided with access to detailed, more in-depth information regarding all of cPanel’s APIs. It is now also equipped with topic-based guides that aim to help users utilize API calls for application integration tasks.


Quickstart Development Guide


The new SDK also features a Quickstart Development Guide, a part of the documentation that can be of really big help to new cPanel users. It contains all the basics of using the control panel for web development. Beginners and advanced users alike will find a guide that is technically just comprised of 6 easy-to-follow steps (the seventh provides information for obtaining additional assistance).


An overview of what users will find in this part of the documentation of the new SDK is as follows:


  1. Acquiring a development license.
  2. Learning more about the cPanel APIs.
  3. Checking out the Standardized Hooks system.
  4. Writing the backend code of the application.
  5. Adding the interfaces to cPanel.
  6. Registering the application.


The guide also details information on how users can find and get more help, such as directly emailing the development team, joining the Plugin Developers mailing list, or asking a question on the forum dedicated for cPanel developers. Technical support is also offered.