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6/07/2013 – cPanel Empowers Apache Web Server Configuration through 3.18 Update

Posted by Jamison on 07 06 2013.

cPanel, with its developers working for the company, has been offering the latest updates that guarantee ease of use for its loyal clients. Countless individuals trust cPanel for server and website management projects and this number continues to grow with the positive comments it received coming from its current clients.


As a way of thanking its loyal clients, the company makes it a point to improve its cPanel and WHM solutions by releasing updates, not only for the main platforms but also for its essential components like EasyApache. It releases a recent update for EasyApache that empowers Apache Web Server configuration for today’s cPanel users.


What is EasyApache?


EasyApache is a cPanel script used for Apache web server configuration. Living up to its name, this easy to use script is accessible through /usr/local/cPanel/scrips/easyapache command. Users can set up their EasyApache profiles through template and customize them based on their preferences.


The update


According to cPanel, the company releases the EasyApache 3.18 update for cPanel 11.36. This update includes Apache web server’s latest build named Apache 2.4. With the goal of promoting more benefits in using this Apache version, the company also added a number of changes that promote hassle-free updating procedures with EasyApache.




EasyApache 3.18 has the following changes that you will find useful as a cPanel user:


Apache 2.4


  • Solutions for incompatible modules.
  • Changes on various components like directive and module names and Mutex directive.
  • Server side compatibility issues like Expression Parser.


Newly updated features


  • Perl dependency. With the release of 11.36, cPanel delivers the 5.14.3 version of Perl to guarantees all scripts used with PHP and Apache will operate with ease. EasyApache will also include required modules and install them with Perl based on profile selection.


  • Enhanced protection against CRIME attacks.


  • Changes on modules. Modules like ModSecurity and ModHostinglimits were modified with this update’s release. ModSecurity has several inconsistencies due to Rule IDs set by third party rulesets, which are defined in the documentations presented with the update.


  • Changes in documentations. Documentations are essential study materials for cPanel users who want to know more about various cPanel components. EasyApache is now has its main documentation page, providing easy access for people who want to check its build and other information about this script. In addition to its own documentation page, the documents also utilize new terminologies as a part of the update like using the term ‘custom configure flags’ instead of ‘raw opts’.


Updates on this important component are crucial for cPanel users, particularly for those who use the latest cPanel version. By using its new build, users will surely have the best function on their Apache Web Server through this script. In updating EasyApache, you can visit cPanel website and read more about this build.


Knowing that this script can do with its recent updates emphasizes its important on your cPanel and Apache web server configuration. Be sure to get this new update and you can configure your Apache Web Server easily while promoting benefits on your server and website management procedures.