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6/06/2014 – Get to Know Your Server Provider’s Support Level System

Posted by Jamison on 06 06 2014.

Technical support service is vital for every business utilizing high technical businesses like web services and hosting companies. Clients may have questions about some features while others experience problems that require resolution immediately.


Dedicated servers’ expensive prices drive people to question about how service providers offer technical support. What do dedicated server providers offer on this service essential? It may not seem like it, but dedicated servers have a comprehensive lineup of technical support team levels assisting clients with their needs.


Dedicated support team level


The dedicated support team level is composed of individuals working for the service provide itself. They are in-house technical teams that will deal with customers’ needs regarding their dedicated servers. The amount of work or service they offer vary depending if you’re getting managed dedicated server or self-managed option.


The technical support team is only a collective term for those individuals providing support for clients. They have several teams working on specific account needs and collaborate for fixing certain issues clients met along the way.


The main individual leading the team is the account manager handling the account signed up by the client. Working alongside him are the lead technician, account coordinator, billing specialist, and business development consultant. Working with the lead technician are the support technician and support specialist. These individuals are the first line of support for dedicated server clients. They receive inquiries about billing and technical problem needs. Experts collaborate with each other to provide solutions immediately and attain utmost customer satisfaction.


Extended support team level


While the dedicated server team level are on the frontlines dealing with customer inquiry, other individuals working on the background also become another set of teams working for dedicated server clients. They are called the extended support team. These are the individuals working in the data centers. They are the experts managing the servers on their racks, monitoring them constantly for flawless performance at all times.


Data center experts are those confirming possible server problems on their end. Regardless of the cause, they will report to the dedicated team as updates in case clients will call for technical inquiries. Similarly, any issue on the server beyond the in-house technician’s data access will be directed to the operators. They will then return with answers and fix issues as soon as possible to keep clients from experiencing website problems.


Clients’ in-house technical teams


While the dedicated support and extended support teams work in the background, the clients technical support teams are in-charge of dealing with their own customers’ technical needs. They will receive inquiries and direct them to the dedicated server team for answers. Although the clients’ team manage their own accounts, some technical matters are only resolved by those who are in dedicated server companies.


Overall, providing support for clients work with several team levels according to the problem types met. Starting from the client’s team, they will direct questions to the dedicated server support team and extended team if necessary. Having this support levels make everyone confident that someone is out there working on certain server issues regardless of the cause.