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6/04/2014 – Will Upgrading Your Hard Drive Benefit Your Business?

Posted by Jamison on 04 06 2014.

Dedicated servers are known for their enormous storage capacity. With hard drive storage capacity ranging from 500 gigabyte up to a terabyte, a dedicated server user has exclusive use of all the space. Aside from space, dedicated servers with high-end processor and memory users are only used by a single company or client.


Shopping for dedicated servers allow you to customize specific components, including hard drive for an additional price. The question is does hard drive upgrade worth the additional fee in terms of business benefit? What are your options in upgrading your hard drive? Here are the answers that will explain whether it will be beneficial for your business or not.


Common hard drive options


You have two main considerations in upgrading your dedicated server’s hard drive: storage capacity and hard drive type. Storage capacity is the amount of space available in the hard drive while the hard drive type is the hardware’s kind itself. It may not seem like it, but there’s an increased number of hard drive options to choose from in dedicated server providers.


Hard drive types include the traditional hard drives connected through SATA, SATA II and higher, solid state drives or SSD, and hybrid drives. SATA connection for traditional hard drives contribute to data transfer’s speed. Solid state drives are physically smaller and lighter with integrated circuits that operate without mechanical components. Finally, hybrid drives combine SSD technology with the traditional hard drive, which is way cheaper than SSD.


As for storage capacity, your options can start from 500 gigabyte up to 3 terabytes depending on the company offering dedicated servers. You can also have several physical disks to boost storage capacity or act as your secondary hard drive.


Why upgrade your hard drive?


There are many reasons why upgrading hard drive is beneficial for your business. One is if you have a lot of files to save in your server. You might also have a lot of clients saving files as well for their own websites if you’re a hosting service provider. Growing number of users will be beneficial for you since you have an increased number of files stored.


Another reason for upgrading is if you’re hosting heavy programs. Heavy programs mean they come in large file sizes saved in your server on top of other server files. Aside from your own programs, your customers may also have their own programs running on the server. You need to have enough space to host every application.


Finally, improving performance is also a good reason why upgrading the hard drive is important. You can use a faster server disk to ensure fast data transfer, especially in running programs. Be sure to monitor server processes to know whether it’s time for you to upgrade your hard drive.


Upgrading server drives is beneficial for your business if it’s expanding with growing number of users. Storing more files and applications also benefit from high-end hard drives. You can upgrade your disks upon signing up for a dedicated server plan or at any time as long as you find it necessary.