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6/04/2013 – cPanel Addons That You Need!

Posted by Jamison on 04 06 2013.

Choosing your server for websites will help you get utmost benefit in the future. But remember that your task as a future website owner does not end. You also need to choose the right addons that will work effectively for you.


cPanel is one of the useful tools you can use for server monitoring. In addition to this option, you also need to find out addons that you will find useful for website management and building. Here are some types of cPanel addons you can integrate in your cPanel and use if for your website management needs.




Sitebuilders help you build your own website with ease even if you are a novice. All you need to do is to build your website so you can immediately start your online presence.


Website building is one of the challenges any website owner faces. It requires expertise to come up with a website that can run the race in the internet world. These site builders have functionality that allows you to build your website using customizable templates while promoting easy to install applications to use for your business’ advantage. Depending on the type of sitebuilder you use, you can redesign your website using regular designs or using flash functionality. With these add ons, you can build your page fast and get it ready for the online world.


Server monitors


Servers are your needed investments if you wish to broadcast your website. It serves as your disk space online that helps you present your website files to the internet world. However, they can also have their issues like downtime, which can affect your website’s overall performance. Server monitors will help you monitor your server’s activity including downtime and uptime, updates and other processes that let you know if it’s doing its job accordingly. With server monitors, you can get performance reports and have your servers rebooted to restore its functionality.


Helpdesk systems


Helpdesks are important solutions for entrepreneurs who wish to connect with their clients. Clients can have various inquiries and they need to get their answers fast with the help of an agent or customer support representative. Helpdesk systems are designed for email, chat and call support that entrepreneurs can take advantage of in the long run.




Some web applications are essential for websites since they boost their online presence or other marketing needs. Nevertheless, installing these to cPanel can be challenging for novice web owners. Through the aid of autoinstallers, users will become more confident on their web management abilities and get utmost benefit for their businesses.


Auto installers have lots to offer for its users. For instance, some have recommended programs clients can use, which set good results for website owners. They are installed automatically if needed and saving website owners the time in fixing their websites.


Promoting a high quality website is only possible by gearing up your cPanel features. Check these addons and see how they will work for you based on your business type and sizes. They have necessary functionalities that will work for you even if you are a novice webpage builder.


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