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6/03/2014 – Data Center Issues That Can Be Solved by Migrating to cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 03 06 2014.

cPanel is a famous control panel designed to work for any web service professionals. Website owners, system administrators, hosting companies, and data centers enjoy the cPanel advantage, which is beneficial for their businesses.


Just like any other internet service provider, data centers aim to provide exceptional services to their clients. Nevertheless, many centers fail to extend such services due to low quality investments. Investing on cPanel will make a difference for data centers.


Several issues commonly occur in data centers, but these are no match against cPanel’s premium features. Here are these issues resolved by utilizing this famed control panel.


Lack of noticeable expansion


Numerous data centers experience customer boost. In the business world, gaining more customers is equivalent to gaining more profit and eventually, business expansion. However, this rule is not directly applicable for data centers. In fact, customer boost has two sides. First is the company gaining customers and contributing to its expansion. The second side is growing client list being a part of high churn rates. Churn rate is where data centers lose clients right after their contracts lapse. This means the company gain customers, but they lose their first ones, which results to showing no significant business expansion.


Providing cPanel to customers can improve churn rates because of its features. Some individuals think that their current control panels can’t meet their needs. Clients can also take advantage of other cPanel features like Application Catalogs and many more. Knowing their services are secured through control panel, clients will renew their contracts with their current data centers and the latter will see major business expansion in the process.


Loss due to constant technical support training


Customer and technical support services are vital for any business. In fact, they are essential for highly technical businesses like data centers. They hire and train technical support specialists to provide this service. While being additional expenses, it is a data center’s investment. Nevertheless, some companies notice that they are spending more money on technical support. Fortunately, cPanel can solve this issue because of its features.


Being a feature-rich control panel, cPanel has all the features needed by clients while maintaining its easy to use features. Clients are confident that using the system is going to be easy, minimizing the need for extensive technical support. Hence, saving data centers enormous amount of money in the process.


Low sales


Data centers also need sales boost to improve their services. According to studies, a lot of website owners use cPanel. This implies that offering this control panel will also boost sales for data centers. The good thing about this solution is it is an affordable way of providing services to clients. Saving money plus the number of gained clients through cPanel means more revenue for the data center.


cPanel is indeed a great solution for data centers because of its features. Data center administrators can say goodbye to these considered diseases of similar businesses by incorporating cPanel with their services. This opens an opportunity for data centers to gain success in the industry.