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6/03/2013 – Dedicated vs. Virtual Servers, Finding Your Match

Posted by Jamison on 03 06 2013.

An individual needs to consider various factors when it comes to building a website. Aside from the web design, factors like servers also come in two types that will help clients utilize their sites for their own benefit.


It is common, however, for future web owners to be confused upon hearing the term dedicated server and virtual private server. They do not know which to choose based on what they need.


Considering the need


Choosing the right server option depends on what the site owner needs. But even in acknowledging their requirements, they still do not know the best choice for their needs. If you have the same concern, you must considering the following points offered for you to finally know your best option.


Dedicated servers


Dedicated servers are called as such because it means that you will have the entire server all for yourself or your website. Hence, you can use the entire storage capacity set in these servers so you can save more web files in it.


It is true that you can take advantage of its high space capacity. However, this type of server is geared for larger companies and individuals who need to save many files on their website. Naturally, large companies need to maintain numerous website pages so they need a lot of space to keep them available online.


In addition to space, its hardware is also designed with utmost durability, making it ideal for high profile users. They have top quality hard drive system and processors that ensure they will run with utmost stability. Since large businesses would use this server, they would receive a lot of traffic as well as orders and inquiries from customers. Hence, the website should always be online at all times to avoid problems.


But even with these features, a dedicated server costs more than VPS so it would not be the best choice for you if you are planning to set a single website or a starting business. You can decide to move to this option once your business expanded or if you are planning to set several websites through the server.


Virtual private server


A virtual private server is like a server within a main server disk. Using virtual environments, a primary server drive can offer private servers to several clients even without using additional disks.


Since another disk drive is unnecessary and the drive itself is shared with several users, VPS has cheap prices compared to dedicated server. However, many people are concerned about its virtual environment. Users do not have to worry as clients will still have their private servers through virtual environments and are highly secured to protect their websites.


If you are a starter website owner, you will find VPS as the best option for you considering its price and the size of your business.


Dedicated servers or VPS’s are your options in choosing an online storage for your page. Knowing its features will help you find your perfect match so you’ll not spend a lot of money especially if you do not need to.