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6/02/2015 – What are Parked Domains?

Posted by Jamison on 02 06 2015.

There are times when web developers acquire additional domains for future development. While these are not in use, they are registered as parked domains as protection from cybersquatting or the unauthorized use or sale of an unoccupied site.


A parked domain is an additional domain hosted on a parent account. The system treats it like a subdomain, which means that it will load the content of the primary domain, and also share web statistics.


Adding a parked domain can be done on the Control Panel (CPanel) interface of a web hosting account. A developer just needs to click the link Assign a domain to you CPanel Account. He can select an existing domain name, or assign a new one to his account. If he’s assigning a new domain, ownership needs to be verified, and this can be done either through name servers, create HTML page or EPP code. After that, he needs to add the new domain name as parked domain.



Depending on the owner’s needs, a parked domain can either be monetized or non-monetized. He can opt to open it to online publishers to host advertising, or simply park the domain with an ‘under construction’ or ‘coming soon’ alert.  Domain forwarding can also be explored, but if this is done by the registered owner, the domain is considered active rather than parked.


Parked domain monetization is becoming an industry practice for websites that are not ready for launching. Monetized parked domains feature links and relevant listings push to a visitor depending on his interests as tracked by cookies. The domain owner is paid either on a cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or cost per lead (CPL) basis. CPL is the most hardworking among the three as it gauges how relevant visits have been especially if the main intent is referral. Since these target bids are sometimes less than a dollar per unit, advertisers usually accrue payables to a minimum level before actually paying. Usually, the minimum payout is $25.


Even expiring domains that were formerly used as websites are being considered for monetization. In fact, this type of domain is the most efficient in traffic driving as prior inbound links maintained in the account still attract a high volume of visitors. Website operators, directories and search engines, however, will eventually remove previous inbound links for expired domains. This means that the traffic to parked expired domains will also decline after some time.


Choosing an Affiliate Program


Generating revenue from a parked domain is one of the most effortless ways to earn. To get started with monetization, a domain owner must choose an affiliate program that is relevant to his domain name. For example, if he acquires the name intended as placeholder for a parenting website he’s developing, he can link to affiliates with childcare manuals, educational tools and the like. Compared to hosting display placements that point to other hosting companies, this could put in more profit as content will be more relevant to the domain name.