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6/02/2014 – cPanel Features for Effective Email

Posted by Jamison on 02 06 2014.

Online entrepreneurs are well-aware that email is the main mode of communication with clients. Whether it is for inquiries or actual orders, email always play a vital role for confirmation. Email is also needed in establishing an email list for leads.


The importance of email has been emphasized with cPanel’s superb line of features that contribute to effective and efficient email campaigns for online entrepreneurs. These features contribute to campaign’s automation and security.




A user can have several email accounts and this is common among individuals. However, checking numerous email accounts is inconvenient, particularly for entrepreneurs with busy schedules. cPanel allows these users to forward received emails on one account to another. The control panel lets users configure forwarding email accounts whether it is within the same domain or another. Configuration is also simple, saving users time in setting up their email forwarding accounts.


Mailing Lists


Creating mailing lists is king for online businesses. It gives way to easy way of sending emails to leads or subscribers. cPanel supports custom Mailman mailing list interface, a feature-rich interface that makes mail list creation faster and more efficient. Within seconds, users will have their mailing list set up and ready for sending out emails.


In addition to creating the list, Mailman also lets users create custom interface, prefix mail postings, welcome messages, and specific messages for those leaving the subscription list.




The key to convenient email access and setup using control panel is a reliable webmail feature. cPanel offers three different webmail platforms to choose from according to their preferences. Options include Horde, RoundCube and SquirrelMail. The webmail platform also has portals for other email functionality like configuring mail client, email filtering, forwarding options and many more. All three webmail platforms work with superb features and users simply need to choose the one they’re comfortable using


Auto Responders


It is important for clients or customers to know that someone receive their emails as fast as possible. They want to make sure if their orders were received and reserve or if their inquiries are queued. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs may not be around all the time to confirm receiving the email, making auto responders the next best solutions to keep customers worry-free. This feature lets cPanel users create custom auto responders according to the received email. Email elements like subject, sender and incoming email address to set specific responses.


Spam Assassin


A good email campaign is not only about creating email list, but also eliminating spam messages. Spam Assassin, as explained by its name, will scan received emails for signs of spam and apply configured actions. Actions available include auto-delete spam or place email senders on blacklist or whitelist. Other options are also available based on set score ratings on some filters.


A stellar email campaign is the foundation of a successful online business. cPanel understands its importance and integrated high-end features that make email campaign setup easier and more effectively. Online entrepreneurs will save a lot of time in making these campaigns and focus on other essential business aspects.