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5/3/2013 – cPanel License Management with Ease

Posted by Jamison on 03 05 2013.

The cPanel platform is necessary in dealing with server and website management. It ensures every needed functionality is accessible without issues. Licenses make it possible for clients to have uninterrupted services that will make access easier than before.


Just like in any license type, they may expire and cause quite a number of issues for its users. It is essential for users to manage their licenses properly. cPanel offers easy license management that satisfies its clients to ensure they will not have any problems with the system.


In managing licenses, cPanel extends necessary tools needed for following license management procedures.


License activation


License can be obtained with the help of server providers and allow users to use their cPanel and WHM right away. However, obtaining a license is insufficient as users still need to activate them before using. Without activation, users cannot access these license management tools and result problems in managing their servers and websites.


License verification


Several clients report that they experience license issues when it comes to expiration. Some individuals know that their licenses are not supposed to be expired but they see notifications about its expiry. In order to verify this procedure, cPanel sets the license verification page and see if their licenses are currently active or not. Once verified, clients can do the next step in fixing this issue like get a new license or do other fixes in cases of having an active license.


User management system


A web server can hold numerous files for different websites. Some can even run multiple VPS environments for their website projects and other server needs. Specific environments need to run its own licenses to ensure proper access at all times. It would be a challenge managing these licenses without this system and their own profiles.


Security controls

Licenses are also subjected to security since they are crucial for servers. Security control system is also included as among the tools for license management, which make license and server protection complete with ease.


Account history tracking


Auditing is also important in website management similarly with other businesses. Depending on the number of websites and licenses purchased, it would be beneficial for every website owner to track down their licenses and audit them in the future. Auditing licenses is simple with the availability of account history tracking and promoting efficient auditing procedures by using this system.


Web based portal setup


A lot of processes now include the internet and using a web based portal for license verification and activation makes this process simpler and faster. This portal aids in auditing as it allows fast license searching and account history tracking. Hence, all users need to do is to access this portal and their search results will be available faster than using a different platform or portal.


License management is undoubtedly a breeze with the help of cPanel’s improved feature. Web owners will find this solution as the standard in promoting fast license management, which will help them improve their system administration procedures than before.