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5/29/2014 – New cPanel & WHM 11.44 Feature

Posted by Jamison on 29 05 2014.

Website and server needs change from time to time. It’s important for service providers to keep up with these changes to guarantee customer satisfaction. With household names like cPanel, you can expect that new or enhanced features will always be available with its new control panel releases.


Configuration Clusters


As per cPanel’s blog, Configuration Clusters is going to be a new feature for cPanel & WHM version 11.44. Knowing that a reliable company created this update, it implies that cluster configuration is something that will make server management easier than the usual.


Introducing configuration clusters


Configuration clusters is designed for individuals managing multiple servers. Single server management is quite simple for a single user. Nevertheless, managing multiple server can be complicated depending on the individual assigned for the job. In fact, even an experienced individual would want as much help as possible to streamline server management and configuration process. Configuration clusters is cPanel’s solution for this need.


Configuration cluster is an interface in WHM that serves as a portal for configuration cluster access for root users. These users can access the cluster for the master server and additional servers through remote access keys. Users can opt to share a master server’s changes or configuration with other servers as long as included in the cluster. Once changes are updated, the system will push the entire configuration to the clusters. This means accessing the master server and distributing these settings instantaneously gives way to simpler process of adding cPanel & WHM servers within the cluster.


What to expect?


For the time being, cPanel puts configuration clusters into work with limited features. Initial settings will allow users to share settings from the Update Preference interface, which is found in WHM. Since it is a very new feature to be included in 11.44, users can expect that it will have future improvements that exceed clients’ expectations. The company’s professionals are also very transparent in promising about these new features to be introduced with configuration clusters.


cPanel’s plan


According to cPanel’s experts, the interface will show users an option about sharing chosen settings with configuration cluster servers. Once selected, a confirmation message will be displayed indicating whether setting distribution is a success or not. If unsuccessful, the interface will show detailed explanations about issues that prevented the distribution.


Current status


Considering configuration clusters is still under works, cPanel experts ask clients and users to share their feedbacks about the new feature. Everyone is also encouraged to leave a note as to which services or features clients would like to pair with this new interface. Comments can be posted on the blog or users can visit the Feature Requests page for their requested configuration cluster services.


Without a doubt, configuration clusters is a convenient and promising feature cPanel will include to 11.44. Screenshots of the interface are available on the blog’s page, which give users an idea about what to expect with this new feature. Be sure to check cPanel’s blog to see future features to be integrated in the system for your own server management procedures’ benefit.