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5/28/2014 – Boost Dedicated Server Scalability with Public Cloud

Posted by Jamison on 28 05 2014.

Dedicated server supports the entire server process because of its resources. New generation processor, advance hard drive capacity, and memory modules all maintained by data center professionals. They work flawlessly considering the amount of effort and investments dedicated server providers integrate in their systems.


But more than just having high-end base essentials, dedicated server providers allow clients to take their services’ scalability features by promoting public cloud features. Public cloud enhances server performance while providing more storage and system options for clients.


What can a public cloud do for you? The following are some of offered functionality that will work for your expanding business’ benefit.


Computing support


One of the good things about cloud systems is they support numerous functions including computing. Many people use its computing solution applied on cloud servers. Cloud servers utilize high-end local SSDs and running on the best processors sold in the market. With high-end performance, clients will not have any problem doing their cloud computing procedures with ease.


Extra storage


Dedicated servers have an enormous amount of storage capacity, which makes clients with more storage needs confident on the service. However, these customers also need to have extra storage option as a backup in case any problem occurs in the server. Cloud storage is going to be the last resort in saving their files regardless of the type.


Another benefit is cloud storage is readily available and accessible for users. It is vital for clients because they need to get the file immediately.




Database maintenance can also be done in cloud solutions as it supports MySQL database. It allows clients to have other options for their database maintenance. Cloud solutions can support large databases than expected. This promotes scalability because every client has different database clusters to maintain. Cloud system offers high-end performance that won’t compromise the company’s operations.


Security and network


Many websites aim for high traffic for promotion and more income in the process. Hence, companies need enhanced protection from abusers visiting the site and plant several malwares. Cloud networks support websites to ensure better protection despite the large amount of traffic experienced daily. It also supports DNS systems with enhanced architecture to assure proper configuration and storage. Many clients with better needs want to obtain such feature with their systems.


Platforms for applications


Adding cloud system enhances performance and support numerous heavy applications that numerous experts want to run and create. Combining the power of dedicated servers’ resources together with cloud system will guarantee improved operations despite running heavy programs.


In addition to performance, cloud also supports high-end performance monitoring to guarantee continuous service for the company. This is like boosting dedicated servers’ performance, ensuring stable operations whenever the company needs to load these programs.


Boosting the entire dedicated server’s performance is possible by integrating cloud system regardless of their types. Be sure to check all your options and match them with your needs. Cloud systems are considered as additional investments and may come with additional prices unless the dedicated server provider includes them on the plan.