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5/24/2013 – Dedicated Servers, Debating Price and Features

Posted by Jamison on 24 05 2013.

A website will not work without a server. If you understand a computer, you know how a hard drive works in storing your files. A server is also the same as it stores website files and makes them available when users access them. This is why there are instances when you will encounter an inaccessible website due to server downtime.


When it comes to talking about servers, dedicated servers are among the options clients can choose from online. However, there has been a continuous debate when it comes to its price and offered feature to clients who will obtain them for their website.


Defining dedicated servers


A dedicated server means that a single client will use the main hardware. No sharing and virtual environments will let other clients use the same hardware. Due to setting the server to a single client, a lot of individuals do not think that it is the ideal option for their websites.


Virtual private servers or VPS’s are the counterparts of dedicated servers. In this option, a single hardware disk is set with virtual environments that allow more clients to have their own servers even without using another drive box.


A look at the price


Since the hardware will only be assigned to one client, they have costly rates that most people do not want to spend on this solution. VPS’s are affordable since various clients use their servers while this drive will be for sole use of a single client.


Many people ask whether choosing this option is better than simply relying on VPS. Naturally, this option is beneficial for individuals who actually need it. A dedicated server has numerous features that work effectively for these special clients like the following, which can defend its benefits.


High quality disk with high performance modules


Just like in computers, it is important for clients to use high performing servers. This ensures speed and stability while the website receives heavy traffic and considering the amount of files saved in it. They use fast processors and memory modules that support continuous performance and broadcast the website.


High bandwidth setting


Bandwidth is also important for website owners. Without high bandwidth, it would affect website access and data transfer, which is detrimental for highly-visited websites today. The entire bandwidth is only used by a single company so they will have enough for each access.


Enhanced security and management


Security is crucial for every website since most are doing online transaction. Some sell items and services so they may process payments with the help of their merchant accounts. With only one company accessing the server, business owners will be more confident in using their respective servers. Moreover, they can also take advantage of complete management system, which ensures server stability in the process.


Overall, price and features are perhaps the common points of debates for using dedicated servers. However, this only depends on the usage of a company and the number of websites they plan to manage in a server. Larger businesses are the most groups that can benefit more from using dedicated servers.