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5/22/2014 – Backup Option for cPanel/WHM

Posted by Jamison on 22 05 2014.

Website and server experts emphasized the importance of backing up files regularly. Regardless of how reliable a server is, one unfortunate event may wipe out the entire file collection, which will compromise the website’s presence. It won’t be accessible or if it is, it won’t have anything on the content.


cPanel, as a household name in the industry, understand the importance of backing up and included another backup option for users through Amazon S3 for the cPanel & WHM 11.42.


What is Amazon S3 Storage?


Amazon S3 storage is the new storage option designed for backing up file. This solution is a highly scalable storage service offered by Amazon, a renowned name in the e-commerce industry. As an added storage option, users will have more space where files can be saved for backup.


Amazon S3 features


Amazon S3 comes with a simple web interface that makes file storage and retrieval simple. This storage option’s availability for website owners and developers made it possible for these cPanel users to use the same secure, scalable, fast and reliable storage that the company uses for its network.


Why use Amazon S3 storage?


Other backup options were already promoted in the online industry and many cPanel users already proved their effectiveness in storing their files. Hence, bringing the question why use Amazon S3 storage for backup? Amazon S3 storage has multitudes of reasons as to why users should integrate this storage in their system. Amazon is a household name in the online world being a famous online store. Not only that, it also has a lot of networks that utilize this storage option. Being able to use the same technology and storage used by a top brand in the industry. This means that security, reliability and speed will not be a problem. More than that, this service is designed for data developers and website owners will maximize benefits on their end.


Amazon S3 usage


Amazon S3 storage system has numerous options for virtually every server user of any profession. It will work well as a content storage solution for any file. Store simple files up to media files for enhanced websites will be no problem for this storage.


Aside from simple and media files, Amazon S3 storage is also a great option for individuals analyzing contents from any industry. It allows users to save large files without worrying about consuming bandwidth with every transferred. These data can be transferred to Amazon EC2 in preparation for computation or resizing.


Finally, Amazon S3 storage is also an ideal backup storage solution because of Amazon’s quality technology. It is very reliable and will secure every file saved in case of disastrous events in users’ servers. With file available and secured at all times, disaster recovery is way easier than expected.


Amazon S3 storage is a great option to include together with the brand new cPanel release. Users can take advantage of the web service technology utilized by a top brand in the online industry. This option will make website owners and data keepers confident on their online ventures.