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5/20/2014 – Why Server Problems are Killing Your Business

Posted by Jamison on 20 05 2014.

Server providers and website owners are after building customers’ trust. Nonetheless, server problems that were not dealt with accordingly kill businesses, regardless if they are the website owner or host providers. This calls for the importance of a good server monitoring system.


Not every business owner finds the significance of having a good server monitoring and reporting system. If you are this type of online entrepreneur, take note of the following reasons why server inconsistencies can leave your business burning down to ashes.


Downtimes mean lost clients


Server downtimes commonly occur in servers. In fact, even the most famous host providers set a specific downtime for their services at least one percent of the time. Nevertheless, some servers don’t live up to clients’ expectations because they tend to be down regularly. The problem is that downtimes mean the website will be inaccessible, which means lost clients for website owners. Once the website owner loses clients, they will take this issue to the host provider, which will eventually cause higher churn rates because they will leave their current service provider.


Lack of maintenance schedules


Maintenance is crucial for servers because they will monitor for potential problems and have them checked immediately. Without server monitoring, a company without offering maintenance schedules means it has no ways of detecting different issues that may compromise their server’s stability.


Aside from compromising the server’s function, not offering maintenance schedules can also affect the company’s integrity. News spread fast online and hearing about this loss of integrity can also kill the business in the process.


False alarms are inconvenience


Notifications are vital, but there are instances when servers return false alarm readings to users. This causes users to get up even late at night just to verify if the server is having issues or not. Although they are false alarms, clients will spend effort to check them out, which is inconvenient. Seeing these false alarm reports regularly can be a big problem and may just prompt them to move out of the host providers’ services once the contract is finished.


Absence of support


Server users need continuous support from their host providers. Their issues can range from technical to customer service and they want to make sure that someone at the end of the line will respond to their inquiries. Hence, the lack of great customer service is also sufficient to pull out customers from a server provider. Customer support may range from rebooting servers during downtime, maintenance support, and many more. Once clients don’t get their support as needed, they will be out packing once their server contract lapses.


The solution


One of the best solution anyone can get is investing on a server monitoring program. This system can be installed together with cPanel for website owners or host providers to aid in 24-day monitoring.


Server problems are more than just inconsistencies. They can kill businesses for server providers and website users. By investing on the right solution, it is best to invest on the best solutions that will continue monitoring servers to ensure functionality.