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5/16/2014 – Using Blesta with cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 16 05 2014.

Blesta is one of the cPanel-compatible add-ons that works with billing and powered with security-centric build to ensure simple and user-friendly client management. It is one of the options users will find beneficial for server and client management. The intelligent system makes the entire process easier to use.


One of the good things about Blesta is it is very easy to use with cPanel. Installing is a breeze while it offers all the necessary functions ready after completing this procedure.




Installation starts by having cPanel in the server. Being a cPanel add-on, Blesta can also be installed with ease with the control panel. Download the billing add on and then unzip the file. Once unzipped, users can upload its contents in the server’s public_html directory. This is where the files for Blesta will be accessible.


When uploaded, users have an option to install the add-on through web browser or command line. Post-installation, Blesta users can start configuring the system.


System configuration


System configuration is the next part after installing Blesta.  Configuration is simple considering the add-on’s build. This procedure includes changing paths for admins and clients. It will also include requiring index.php set in URLs. Completion means the add on is good to go.


Blesta tasks and settings


Blesta supports numerous tasks necessary in managing accounts and client profiles. Tasks include important settings, creating clients and packages, adding services, invoice creations, and many more. With its complete task list, users will find installing Blesta for their own businesses worthy of their time and money.


Upgrading the system


Just like any other cPanel add-on, Blesta can be upgraded to ensure every new feature and update available can be used by users. Currently, Blesta 3.0 is the latest version available for users. Upgrading requires fresh installation and using an importer included in the system.


Blesta developers, similarly with other experts, recommend everyone to back up their current systems first together with current Blesta configurations before upgrading. This is to ensure that everything is in place in case the upgrade procedure didn’t go well.


Migrating to Blesta

Blesta is just one of the billing systems every user can take advantage of and a lot of cPanel user utilized other add-ons offered with cPanel. Nevertheless, some individuals find Blesta more appealing and decide to migrate. Migrating starts with installing a fresh Blesta copy and install the Import Manager. At this point, migration can be started and then finalize the steps to migrate the entire account set.




Blesta is a flawless system in terms of functionality. Nonetheless, different third party or external factors can cause Blesta installation errors. Common examples of these are connection problems. Other installation problems are noted on its documentations, which are posted on its websites. You can read them in case you encounter this problem.


Overall, using Blesta with cPanel is simple with all the available documentations at its website. Blesta has all the features necessary in setting bills and client accounts. Check this add-on and consider it for your account to experience its notable features.