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5/15/2014 – Managed Dedicated Servers

Posted by Jamison on 15 05 2014.

Managed dedicated servers cut down the effort on the client’s end. Many individuals love this service because they don’t need to do anything when it comes to managing their servers. For an extra fee, dedicated server users can spend more time focusing on their businesses instead of dealing with the other components like servers.


You’re in good hands if you’re considering getting a managed dedicated server from reliable service providers. You have a great dedicated team to work on your server and its processes. The following are some teams that will take care of server.


Setup and migrations team


The setup team works in building your customized server. They will help you add necessary components according to your preferences and set budget. Their lines are open all day to receive orders. Once they are set, the setup team will be on their way to building your dedicated server and ready for you to use.


Aside from the setup team, a migration team is assigned to migrate your data if you’ve been using another server. This is common practice for individuals changing host providers. With a migrations team working on your managed server, you don’t have to transfer your server files yourself, which will avoid potential problems that usually come with the process.


Monitoring team


Monitoring is perhaps the reason why high-profile companies get managed dedicated server. They want to make sure that their servers running perfectly at all times. This team’s task is to check the server daily for inconsistencies and impending problems.


Technical support team


This group’s main task is to deal with technical issues experienced in the server. Some server users still check their servers even if they have managed services. They send out trouble tickets to have the problem fixed immediately or answer their questions.


Security team


The security team will make sure the server and their internal networks safe from malwares that can compromise their accounts. They update their security system regularly to ensure high-end protection and peace of mind for clients.


Network team


Uptime is king in utilizing servers for business. The network team’s primary work is to ensure that the dedicated server is always up and running, assuring the website is available at all times.



System restore team


Don’t worry about retrieving your important data after system crashes or other server problems. This team will work in restoring your data and continue server files availability despite the crash.


Data center operations team


Data centers also utilize servers and they should be online all the time. This group has the expertise that data centers need in keeping their servers up.


Development team


Dedicated servers benefit from numerous applications and improvements. This team devotes its time finding out server program enhancements that boost resources and performance.


Managed dedicated server is a great investment for everyone working in the online industry, particularly the expanding business. Having these teams to work on your server will certainly be an investment worth your money and will be useful for individuals want to have an edge in the cyberworld.