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5/13/2014 – cPanel: Managing Your Website Files

Posted by Jamison on 13 05 2014.

cPanel makes server processes simpler to use with its features. As new versions are released in the market, cPanel users already know they come with multitudes of features that will suit the changing needs in the online industry. They may be website owner or host provides, but cPanel will certainly meet their demands.


But more than just knowing the new versions and features, website owners must also know the underlying technicalities in its operations like file management. What does cPanel do to help you manage all your website files?


Numerous features compose the file management system. Take note of the following features that aid in effective file management.


File manager


This tool is the heart and soul in creating, updating and removing website files and folders. Websites need to change from time to time according to what services or products a company offer. This feature’s availability makes file management simpler because of all the necessary tools are set in a simple graphic interface. It makes the entire website updating procedure minus the need for complicated coding, making cPanel a user friendly control panel every website owner can use.


Legacy file manager


cPanel now comes in new versions to suit modern online world demands, leading website owners to be more competitive in the industry. Nevertheless, some earlier cPanel users are more comfortable using the earlier versions, which makes the newer editions seem complicated. cPanel solves this problem by offering the Legacy File Manager, which allows cPanel users to be comfortable in the process of updating their webpages.




Backing up website files is also essential for website owners. Numerous changes may result to website process inconsistencies and lead to the website not appearing as they should. Fortunately, cPanel gives way to simple backup procedures and assure users their files will be available when needed. They can launch the earlier configurations prior to the changes and fix problems to bring back the page to their actual appearances. This part of the control panel lets users take advantage of its remarkable backup scheduling feature.


FTP accounts and session control


FTP accounts are used for processing file uploads and downloads for the website. This interface allows users to edit and create FTP accounts, passwords and many more. Furthermore, it also has the session control that monitors FTP users and their activities.


Web disk


This is a vital cPanel tool that offers website owners with easy access to their file folders and files. Instead of looking like the usual website folder, users will have a hard drive-like interface that cuts down time in accessing files or editing.


Disk space usage


Monitoring data resources including data transfers is a common task among website owners. This cPanel part is responsible in noting down the disk part that save the most data.


cPanel has a systematic way and specific area assigned for your website files. Understanding how the system works will help you manage your files accordingly. You know which sites to access for editing or creating your website with files. Explore these features to manage your files properly.