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5/12/2015 – How to Edit Confirmation Messages

Posted by Jamison on 12 05 2015.

Confirmation messages are those messages which contain a link to confirm an action, such as a subscription to a blog or web site. Those confirmation messages are sent to each contact available on the contact list, to verify or confirm the intention of receiving someone’s messages. Be that as it may, the confirmation messages are sent exclusively to people having access to the account. They are also the ones who can respond to such message.


How to Edit the Confirmation Message


Depending on which e-mail server is used, the confirmation message and its settings are found on the (current) campaign field. Find the most recent campaign field on the screen and on the menu, find and click on the icon settings of the campaign that should be edited.


Scroll down to customize the confirmation message button and click it to select its body template. Edit, customize or add text to the message, and the signature. Moreover, on the confirmation message, fill-out or edit the respective From and Subject fields.


Once customers subscribe and confirm the subscription, they are already added to the blog or web site’s owner’s contact list. Thereafter, they will start receiving updates or e-mails from the site’s owner.


Besides the confirmation message, the subject line as well as the introduction can be customized too.


The Language Can Be Customized


In most e-mail servers or systems, the language used in the confirmation message can be customized. This setting is found on the language list of the campaign.


If blog or web site’s owners do not wish to send a confirmation message, the single opt-in option must be enabled.


Why Customize the Confirmation Messages?


Whether the users are using Customer Relationship Management software or any other tool, the confirmation messages are generic. The default confirmation message is general in the sense that it may not fit one’s campaign.


In order to capture straight the targeted market’s interests, the confirmation message must be tailored to one’s goal or campaign. It must be related to what the subscribers should expect when they finally receive their subscription.


What to Write on the Confirmation Message


The rule in composing the confirmation message is to use a language that is too plain to be misunderstood, and too specific (or categorical) to misinterpret. The words used should be accurate and straightforward. Moreover, it is best to make the message simple and easily recognized.


Experts recommend three points which should serve as the guide in completing the confirmation message.


  • Who is sending the message. It is important that the subscribers know from whom the message is in order for them to know the sender is trustworthy.
  • Why send the message. It is important to reiterate that the subscribers or the confirmation message’s recipients understand why the message is sent—to confirm their subscription to a blog or web site.
  • Initiate an important action. Confirmation messages are useless when the subscribers fail to click on the link contained therein. Clicking on the link is what confirms the subscription.