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5/12/2014 – Utilize Three Different Control Panel’s with SolusVM

Posted by Jamison on 12 05 2014.

cPanel has all the features that make it ideal for any type of online industry professionals. Website owners, resellers, system administrators, and other professionals love its compatibility with different add-ons like SolusVM.


SolusVM is a VPS management system with a remarkable user interface that makes the entire process simpler for users. It also comes with numerous features like OpenVZ, Linux KVM, and many more. Host providers and resellers will find the entire process of managing clients’ VPS accounts with ease.


Control panels for each user


Specific SolusVM users must have their own control panels. Every user has his own roles and the right control panel lets them do their important tasks. With this in mind, SolusVM set different control panels that give access to users according to their roles. The following are the types of control panels offered for users.


Admin area


An administrator has complete control on their clients’ profiles, putting them on top of the role hierarchy. SolusVM offers a full-featured control panel with easy to use interface for managing every task clients need for their own SolusVM access. Complete node management also comes with the admin control, which is ideal for everyone wishing to control other admins’ access for their own systems. VPS Management system makes it possible for administrators to create, suspend, reboot, reinstall, backup or track bandwidth usage within the system.


This control panel also allows users to assign VPS custom configurations and APIs that will be beneficial for your developers. The complete system makes account management on the admin level simpler with all the controls available on the interface.


Reseller control panel



Reseller, being one of the vital individuals under the server administrators, also have their own accounts or control panel. They have their own controls in assigning accounts for their clients. Through this control panel, resellers can create, suspend, destroy, upgrade and downgrade virtual servers. They can also reboot and boot virtual servers if necessary to offer proper virtual server functions at all times. Statistical monitoring is also possible with this control panel for report or monitoring purposes.


Client control panel


Clients’ control panels have lesser controls compared to the administrators and resellers. Nevertheless, SolusVM incorporated controls that client will need in managing their VPS. They can change root passwords, reboot, or shut down and turn off servers, and login accounts for multiple server management systems. Clients also have a view of the data and their trends by utilizing graph representations offered by the control panel. Clients can also customize their own areas to take advantage of easy controls possible. Customizing is simple and gives way to controls that are more convenient for specific users. Clients are also given access to reinstall the server with a wide array of media utilizing templates and a lot more.


SolusVM has all the necessary functionality offered for individuals with their specific rules. Whether you’re an administrator, reseller or client, you can use this control panel with ease and use its advantage in dealing with virtual servers. The full-featured control panels match the users’ profiles, ensuring all their needed functions are met.


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