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5/10/2013 – cPanel License Changes Throughout the Years

Posted by Jamison on 10 05 2013.

cPanel functions as one of the most important server management options for individuals who plan to conquer the online world, either as a web host or as a website owner. However, not everyone knows about these licenses and what features they offer for its new users.


cPanel licenses – An overview


Various license plans are available depending on the servers people will use. Dedicated and VPS licenses are offered at prices that clients can compare to meet their business sizes and the amount of files they need to save.


Aside from these plans, prices also vary if a client will get it from a cPanel distributor or from cPanel itself. Since they come in different prices, some users will find it beneficial to obtain their licenses from a distributor.


Plans meet different clients’ needs to ensure they will save money while ensuring quality features set by this world-renowned server management platform.


The concept of lifetime licenses


If you look online, you will notice that a lot of people are still looking for what was called cPanel lifetime licenses. They are available in various types that will help you get utmost benefits from it. However, several advanced website owners wish to own a lifetime license for their cPanel.


Lifetime license means that they will own the license and there is no need to pay monthly or yearly for a license plan. They view this as a more affordable solution compared to paying monthly or yearly since they only need to pay once for a license. With this as a primary goal, they ask if it is possible to obtain a lifetime license and use it for their own servers.


cPanel lifetime licenses


To answer this question, lifetime licenses for cPanel is unavailable nowadays. Nevertheless, a cPanel staff answered this question in the forum that the company used to offer a license with one-time fee with free updates for two years. When this support expired, users need to purchase support and continue to use it together with the license.


While this solution can be a good way to save money, this option is now unavailable but the company ensures to have the best plans that will benefit its current clients.


cPanel’s current plans


Today, clients can get their licenses through two main sources. First, they can obtain licenses from cPanel itself while distributors like also serve as another option for clients.


Plans from cPanel come in yearly billing cycle and offering various prices for individuals owning a dedicated server for their websites. Support is available as an important feature in getting these licenses. cPanel also offers discounts for individuals who will get two or more licenses from the company.


Distributors offer more affordable rates but with monthly billing cycles. Offered prices for dedicated and VPS server licenses vary depending on the company but they are generally cheap and can be ideal for starting online entrepreneurs. offers some of the lowest rates for monthly and yearly licenses around.


cPanel licenses and plans change to go with the changing demands in this industry. While it does not have the lifetime license anymore, it ensures clients that their services are worthy investment for today’s hardcore competition online.