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5/09/2014 – Anti-DDoS Solutions for your Server

Posted by Jamison on 09 05 2014.

Dedicated servers are expensive and it’s highly recommended for users to invest on solutions that can protect them from potential attacks. Although a dedicated server has better features compared to shared servers, continuous attacks may lead to server instability that may compromise server files. One of these attacks is the distributed denial of service attack or also known as DDoS.


This is a famous attacks and server providers offer additional services to combat their effects like anti-DDoS solutions. To learn how this solution will work for you, you must know what DDoS is and what this solution can do in protecting your dedicated server.


What is DDoS?


DDoS is the situation when a dedicated server’s resources like bandwidth is being flooded through different systems. People conducting DDoS attacks often target servers housing high profile webpages and servers. Since the system is flooded, it can prevent authorized users from accessing the server. Individuals like clients sharing the servers or files may also find themselves denied in accessing their needed documents. This leads to dissatisfied clients and low integrity for the server provider. On top of dissatisfaction, clients may also experience loss of income since people can’t access their servers.


What is an anti-DDoS solution?


This solution will protect the server from unwanted traffic. It will differentiate the legitimate incoming traffic and those that are potentially used for DDoS attacks. This system has been designed to detect the traffic and sort them out to make sure every connection or port is free from attacks that may compromise the system.


Aside from distinguishing incoming traffic, an anti-DDoS solution can also help in mitigating the attack to ensure it will not pose significant server problems. As long as their damages are minimized, clients can be confident on their servers running flawlessly and free from potential denial of access.


How and what to look for in an anti-DDoS solution?


A solution that can protect servers from DDoS should be made with high-end build that ensures effective DDoS attack prevention. Many server provider offers cutting-edge anti-DDoS, with some of them are proprietary solutions specifically developed by their in-house experts. Moreover, you will also find these solutions receiving high ratings from their current users. Use this as points of comparison in finding the best solutions in the industry.


In terms of finding the right anti-DDoS solution, your first option is to look from the dedicated server provider. They often include this as add-on service. The good thing about going for their offers is you don’t need to look for other solutions online. Since they are proprietary service, you may obtain them as part of the package or pay separately for a minimal amount.


If you’ll opt for a third-party anti-DDoS, be sure to check server compatibility to guarantee they will work perfectly with your server.


A DDoS is not something you must turn a blind eye on since it can compromise your server’s stability. Invest on this solution before you start losing clients from the server being inaccessible. Obtain the best anti-DDoS service at the best price as part of the package.