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5/08/2014 – Which Operating System to Choose

Posted by Jamison on 08 05 2014.

Servers are not just regular storage spaces for users. They also operate utilizing a good software solution that ensures proper function at all times. They are like computers that run on operating systems that allow server users to do their processes in managing websites, network systems, data centers, and many more. The question is which operating system to choose with the server.


Operating system options


Just like in obtaining computers, common operating system options are Linux and Windows. Both have their own powerful features and gained positive feedbacks from server users. If you’re shopping for a server plan, your current dilemma is the best operating to select. Use the following information to help you decide on your options.




Linux has been a famous program used by developers. This open-source program came with numerous versions with CentOS being the most famous operating system used on servers. This feature comes with Full Root access that server users will find useful for their systems. It comes in 64-bit and 32-bit versions, which you can request from the host provider. This is also a lightweight program that will make dedicated server management simpler than expected. It also comes with numerous support for web services needed by website owners and host providers like PHP, MySQL, Perl and many more.




Windows is also a famous operating system used for personal computers. However, it also comes with a Server version that includes Remote Desktop access. It is also offered in 64-bit and 32-bit versions, which give way to people needing specific OS versions they are comfortable with. Similarly with Linux, OS versions are available upon request. However, it is better to check as some features may not work with respective versions, which is also a common issue in utilizing them on personal computers. Web services compatible with this operating system is PHP, Perl, and many more.


Windows also support different web services like database, but its developers bring it to the next level by being compatible with Microsoft Access, a proprietary database system developed by Windows developers.




Both operating systems work with cPanel and other control panels available, server add ons, and a wide array of applications that clients need for their servers. Another similarity is the continuous updates that ensure compatibility with a long list of programs.




Typically, both operating system is similar and their differences are only marked by the dedicated server provider. Plans vary and compatible programs included in the package have different features. It is best to compare the dedicated server package first before selecting to see the best system and included programs that fit your needs.


Price may also vary depending on the service provider. Windows have the tendency to be a bit price due to its name and build. However, plan comparison will help you land the cheaper plan without compromising quality.


Choosing the operating system for your server depends on the one you’re comfortable using. Simply shop for the right dedicated server plan that guarantees performance and maximizing operating system compatibility with your needed applications or web services.