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5/06/2014 – Installatron: Keeping It Clean

Posted by Jamison on 06 05 2014.

Launched in 2004, Installatron is now one of the trusted auto installers in the market. It comes with a long list of features that impressed countless cPanel users from host providers to website owners. But more than just its features, Installatron devotes itself in making the entire interface clean and simple.


Features versus organization


Being feature-rich is beyond good, particularly for investments like cPanel. Nevertheless, most users, especially the minimalists, are concerned about features organization and access. The first impression that comes in mind is a cluttered user interface. Cluttered interface means challenges in accessing features or doing their tasks. This may lengthen each procedure and affect efficiency.


Improvements as requested by users


Years of being in the industry gained Installatron numerous fans who take part in active discussions about the plugin like suggestions. Through these feedbacks, Installatron experts made it possible for the plugin to maintain easy to use and organized user-interface. Boosting simple access, users will be more comfortable in accessing specific tasks offered by the plugin.


Aside from being easier to use, Installatron professionals made the entire platform more intuitive feature that users will love to experience. Performance is also not a problem as its experts ensure to deliver the add-on at its finest build.


Vital features to take advantage of


Installatron kept its interface’s features simple and more organized, but with enhanced systems that make it more functional than before.


  • Universal filtering and search system. Installatron makes your search faster and more convenient by offering the all-in-one search and filtering bar that lets you look for applications you can get, installed programs, and backups.


  • Tasks working in the background. Tasks running at the background is perhaps one of the most revolutionary feature this add on can offer. The plugin gives way to a managed background process, which allows users to cut down the time spent in doing their online tasks. Once done, the system can log out of the control panel on its own according to the setting assigned by its users. Installatron users can also set a reporting system that let them know when the tasks are done or if problems occurred along the way.


  • Application preview. Avoid cluelessness on the installed program with the preview available with Installatron. See the program and immediately know what it is through the thumbnail.


  • One-click workflow. Save time with the one-click workflow that lets users install, upgrade and restoring plugins. This eliminates the need to access multiple websites or navigating them to start their tasks. Combining this feature with the background operations make Installatron the most efficiency-boosting plugin available with cPanel.


  • Tooltips. Extra information won’t hurt as Installatron includes tooltips with its buttons to ensure users know what they actually do.


Installatron is a very straightforward cPanel plugin by keeping its features clean and simple. Utilizing this auto-installer is a great benefit for you if you’re looking for the best tools you can use for website or hosting service management. See its features and see how this feature-rich plugin will work for you.


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