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5/05/2014 – Solve Your Server Problems with Server Monitoring

Posted by Jamison on 05 05 2014.

Servers are designed to work flawlessly to ensure websites will run accordingly. Nevertheless, numerous problems may still arise surrounding servers, which can be detrimental to different business owners. If you’re a server user or service provider, you will find the importance of Server Monitoring, a cPanel add-on, working to your advantage.


Server monitoring will help you solve a wide array of problems. Here is how this add on will work for your advantage.


All-day monitoring


One of the important factors in solving server problems is knowing if they are bound to happen. No matter how unpredictable the issue is, you will still see some signs of impending problems as indicated in the server monitor. All-day monitoring is impossible for humans, but having the right add on will ensure that every server trend is checked and reported. See these signs immediately and do proper workup to solve the issue.


Solve the problem immediately


Regardless of the monitoring, some problems may still go through and every minute wasted in solving the issue may lead to more serious inconsistencies that may result to lost clients. Server monitoring will send immediate reports like notifications in case the server is having its downtime.


Performance reports


One of the issues many server users encounter is working with a server provider claiming that superb uptime and performance. However, they find themselves dealing with a lot of server problems. With server performance report, clients will know their servers’ uptime and performance to see if they are with the right server providers. Once they noticed the performance, they can decide whether it’s time to switch service provider or not.


Receive reboot request


Downtime is often solved with a simple server reboot. When not rebooted, the company may lose clients because of the downtime. After this notification is received, the server provider can reboot the server and solve the problem once and for all. Again, this notification system works all day together with the monitoring system. The server provider or client can send notifications all day once it detected server downtime.


Eliminating false alarms


False alarms can also be problematic for server administrators and website owners. They want to make sure that every report is accurate to avoid spending time dealing with false alarms, especially during wee hours of the night. With the best server monitoring system, false alarms will be eliminated easily and avoid potential problems that may come with it.


Maintenance scheduling


Server maintenance is also vital when it comes offering high-end server services. Scheduling maintenance accordingly will ensure the server is running properly, which is good for the business. A good server monitoring will let you schedule maintenance either one-time or in several times according to frequency. Obtain reports about maintenance through their automated system.


Overall, having a good server monitoring system will help you solve problems by immediately pinpointing their causes. Find the best options that will work with cPanel to guarantee you will not lose clients due to server issues. Consider this a great investment that you will need for your web servers or in offering hosting providers.


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