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5/01/2014 – Firewalls: Essential Protection for Shared and Dedicated Servers

Posted by Jamison on 01 05 2014.

Challenging the online industry has been a proven lucrative mean of earning money. Website promotions help companies reach out to more clients. In order to build a good and full-featured website, a person needs to have a good server or hosting plan, which is offered by numerous companies today.


However, the cyberworld is also an unsafe place for server users. The threats of malware attacks and hacking can result to compromising confidential files or account information. Thus, highlighting the importance of firewalls for server users.


What is a firewall?


A firewall is considered as the first line of defense in securing your server data. It is a basic system that you can even find in your computer. Its main task is to serve as a wall that protect your server from incoming network traffic. It will label the incoming traffic and detect whether it is trusted, secured or insecure like the internet. If detected, the firewall can allow or reject the incoming traffic. This will ensure your essential server data will be free from unauthorized access.


Aside from rejecting the incoming traffic, a firewall can also eliminate the threat that may access the server. Eliminating these problems can help in providing total protection for your server. This is an intuitive service that you can only get from a reliable firewall.


Why obtain a reliable firewall?


Some individuals understand the importance of firewalls, but they don’t get why they need to have a reliable firewall service with their servers. Technology improves regularly, which means hackers and malware developers come up with better coding techniques that give their programs work in the background. Their stealth attacks will be unknown unless you have a firewall with an improved build.


Firewall developers know the changes working in the background and they know that they come to develop better ways in hacking into servers. They build better firewalls that identify these malwares to ensure better server protection.


Who needs a firewall?


Essentially, every server user needs a good firewall protection for their storage system, especially if they are shared servers. However, the importance of firewalls is highlighted for server users who receive internet traffic regularly. The internet is the main portal used by hackers and exposing the server to this unsecured connection is like open season to data hijacking.


More than just website owners, individuals doing online transactions like e-commerce websites need enhanced firewall protection. They don’t only have essential business details saved in their servers, but they also obtain information from buyers like credit card details and others. They need to protect server and the website as obtain these sensitive information can lead to identity theft.


How to find a reliable firewall?


A reliable firewall service is obtained from a high-caliber host provider. If you’re choosing server plan, be sure to go with the reliable brands that gained positive feedbacks from its clients in terms of feature enhancements like firewalls.


A firewall is a vital investment for every server user. If you’re using a shared server, you will find this feature beneficial for your business. Enhance server protection and avoid problems that come with information theft.