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4/8/2013 – Comparing LiteSpeed Web Server VPS and Ultra VPS Enterprise Editions

Posted by Jamison on 08 04 2013.

Increased cPanel population implies more individuals who search for the best addon to use for their new servers or websites. LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is one of the highly recommended cPanel addons that offers highly scalable server system, offering a wide variety of features that you will find useful in the process.


Differences in client profiles and types move LSWS experts to offer different license options that will match their requirements. Clients can choose the LSWS Free Edition, which is free of charge and ideal for individuals who just embarked on their cPanel journey with minimal requirements. VPS owners who need better features can take advantage of the Enterprise Edition and get a leased license for using this addon.


Nevertheless, some clients still look for enhanced features due to their VPS’ specifications or business demands set by their companies. This is where Ultra VPS Lease Enterprise license becomes a good solution for clients with critical demands.


Comparing features


VPS Lease Enterprise and Ultra VPS Lease Enterprise share most of the features offered in the basic Enterprise edition. However, they possess some differences that make Ultra VPS more useful for specific clients. First, let’s take a look at the similarities.


Bearing features offered in the Free Edition


Basic features offered in the Free Edition are also offered in the VPS and Ultra VPS versions. Here is a list of the common features offered by the free version carried over to the Enterprise Editions.


  • Web Admin
  • LiteSpeed Multiplexing Network Engine
  • PHP and Ruby/Rails LSAPI
  • XML Configure files
  • Throttle Per Client for Bandwidth and Connection
  • Unlimited virtual hosts
  • GZIP Compression
  • JSP/Servlet AJP 1.3 and more.


Aside from these basic features, both VPS and Ultra VPS support the following VPS platforms:


  • Virtuozzo
  • KVM
  • HyperV
  • OpenVZ VPS
  • VMWare
  • XEN
  • UserModelLinux VPS


Pointing out the differences


While both options are listed under the Enterprise Edition, Ultra VPS gained its title due to features that are not offered with the conventional VPS license.


LSWS Version requirement


LSWS developers emphasized that the Ultra VPS requires LSWS version 4.2.2 or later while no specific requirements are set for the regular VPS.


Experts must include this note since earlier LSWS version, 4.1.13, is still available for download. Hence, there is a high probability of downloading this older version with the goal of employing Ultra VPS. So as a reminder, LSWS experts pointed out to use the 4.2.2. version, which is the current release. Product description also stressed out that Ultra VPS will be compatible with the upcoming version releases coming from the company.




Restrictions for VPS include up to 500 concurrent connections and 2G memory. Ultra VPS, however, has higher memory and concurrent connections limit set at 8G and 600, respectively.


Memory restrictions mean that licenses will not run beyond the license’s set memory capacity. Hence, VPS will not function on servers with memory capacity greater than 2G and Ultra VPS will be useless for servers with capacity greater than the 8G memory limit.


Added requirement


Ultra VPS has an added requirement in case the VPS has higher spec. VPS providers offer varying server specifications to meet their clients’ demands. Ultra VPS requires 1-CPU license if the VPS bears higher specs or features.


LiteSpeed Web Server offers licensed Enterprise Edition for specific clients. You may be confused but keeping these facts in mind will let you know if you need regular VPS or Ultra VPS license for your server.


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