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4/30/2014 – Experience Blesta for Yourself

Posted by Jamison on 30 04 2014.

cPanel, being a famed control panel used by different experts working on websites, servers, systems, and data management, offers a demo platform that allows users to have an idea about its features. Just like cPanel, its recognized add-ons also extend the same to ensure users will know what they offer. One of these add-ons is Blesta.


The importance of demos


Add-ons are considered as investments for cPanel users. Hence, users want to make sure that they will get the right add-ons before buying a license and including them in their systems. Numerous add-ons are available for users, but not all of them are deemed suitable for every client. Thus, the importance of demonstrations.


Blesta developers understand the significance of these demos to clients. They set up a demo page as well that offer a details about how to check the product themselves. The following are what potential users can find on the demo page.


Staff Area


Blesta is designed for both clients and service provider. The staff area is designed for service provider and taking advantage of its features can be beneficial for them. Staff area demonstration will present its user interface complete with its features. Seeing these features will give them an idea about what the system has for them. The logins are available on the demo page, which allows public users to access the demo account easily.


Client Area


The Client Area has the interface designed for server providers’ customers. They need to access this page for their own server procedures like account creation, password resets, and many more. Similarly with the Staff Area, the Clients Area demo page has all the vital features that introduce the product.


Order forms


More than just the interface, Blesta developers also want users to get a glimpse of the order forms, which are vital in setting up packages for clients. Service providers want to ensure every form is processed fast to complete the orders immediately. It is a vital process that any business owner wishes to guarantee. The form samples include General, Client Registration, and Domain Name.


The good thing about these forms is they are designed regularly. Upon seeing the forms, Blesta developers are willing to take suggestions from users. They want to ensure the forms will be ideal for potential clients.


Free Trial


Blesta developers are not done in giving users an idea about the plugin through demos. The company also lets users experience Blesta at its full feature by offering free trials of the platform. Upon installation, the user can choose the 30-day trial option to have a complete look of the system. This trial offer is risk free and users can uninstall it from the system. In case the user decides to get the platform, they simply need to update their trial license keys to see its features.


Overall, Blesta takes advantage of the opportunity to inform users with its offered features through demos. This is also beneficial for users as they will know what the system offers first before investing it for their services.


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