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4/29/2014 – Dedicated Servers and your Business

Posted by Jamison on 29 04 2014.

Obtaining dedicated servers are considered as dream investments for many business owners. Entrepreneurs want to try using their boosted resources. Nevertheless, some businesses don’t find investing on this server type necessary for the moment.


Today, many people ask which businesses use this server type. They want to know their profiles and see if their business can also benefit from this service. The following are some companies that experience dedicated servers’ notable features.


Enterprise business


Enterprises are high profile businesses with numerous employees needing server access. Their employees need to have their own email addresses while giving way to intra-network collaboration. They can work by submitting files to file collaboration software and discuss project details without using other platforms.


Enterprises are usually comprised with numerous businesses. A large company expanded and started to explore other business options. With dedicated servers’ resources, they can hold numerous websites for respective businesses. No need to get different hosting plan for each website. Finding all websites’ files in one server drive make management simpler. Entrepreneurs simply need to assign people to work on different websites and take advantage of dedicated servers’ features.


Hosting companies


Host providers need to have dedicated servers since to support their clients. A dedicated server can house numerous virtual machines to extend virtual private servers to customers. Servers’ disk capacities also give way to more hosted applications that clients need for their web services. With a VPS, clients will be confident with the host provider’s services and gain more customers in the long run.


A server can also be divided into numerous web services, which is beneficial for the business. Some companies want to assign specific web services on certain servers. Campaigns for emails and other service optimizations can be prepared accordingly to increase profitability. With dedicated servers’ security, clients can be confident that their files are safe, particularly if they are into e-commerce.


IT service providers


IT companies also have great needs for dedicated servers. They are after superb server performance, something they won’t get from VPS or shard servers. Furthermore, they support high-end IT operations that will only work effectively with dedicated servers.


IT service providers can help secure businesses with their Tier 4 cluster needs while promoting power efficiency and redundancy. Since IT services also work with critical server data, a dedicated server’s enhanced protection can keep the files confidential. Thus, gaining confidence to their services.


Perhaps one of the most powerful feature of dedicated servers is its ability to combine the power of Cloud systems. This makes their services more beneficial for clients than by using each system’s feature alone. Data services also find dedicated servers’ recovery feature advantageous in cases when clients may lose files due to several server issues. Recovery is something many clients invest on their services.


These are just three of the businesses that benefit from dedicated servers. If your business is started to expand or if you want to explore these industries, you will find dedicated servers the best investments you can obtain.