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4/28/2014 – Something to Expect in cPanel & WHM 11.44

Posted by Jamison on 28 04 2014.

If there is one thing that make cPanel stand out among other control panels is its continuous build development for users’ welfare. Currently, the company is highly promoting the 11.42 version, which is now in the Release Tier, and packed with multitudes of features including the Horde 5.1 webmail edition, the fresh Paper Lantern dashboard interface, MySQL 5.6, and many more.


But aside from this new build, cPanel experts are already in the process of conceptualizing the 11.44 version. With new version also comes new features that every cPanel user must look forward to. In line with this, cPanel bloggers gave a heads up by hinting one of the possible changes to experience in 11.44: MySQL database changes.


Database name length restriction


Long-time cPanel users already experienced the restrictions in MySQL database names, particularly on their lengths. While other cPanel users are fine with this restriction, some individuals wish cPanel will remove these restrictions for maximized user experience. If you’re a cPanel wishing this change, you will be glad that the company heard this wish on the upcoming version, 11.44.


According to the update, cPanel 11.44’s MySQL database naming system will show the following changes:


  • Create MySQL database name with 64 characters at the maximum.
  • Create PostgreSQL database name by up to 63 characters.
  • Create PostgreSQL usernames up to 63 characters max.


By being able to apply these changes, users will find file naming more convenient or meet their preferences.




In addition to better number of characters for database names, cPanel also included prefixing changes for the upcoming version. First, the company announced to disable database prefixing for new databases. However, cPanel asked cPanel users about their opinions regarding prefixing and recent updates stated that this restriction will still be added, but will become a feature that can be enabled or disabled. By default, prefixing will still be enabled like the original. Offering these changes make database file naming gave more freedom for cPanel users in setting their file names.


In line with the update, the company allows users name to retain prefixing and extend up to 16 characters as long as the first eight must be unique. This will prevent conflicts in the file names, which will ensure databases are safe from potential inconsistencies.


Reloading old databases to new MySQL


According to the company’s report, cPanel 11.44 will come with the latest MySQL 5.5 or higher to ensure stability and compatibility. With these changes, many users are concerned about what will happen with their old databases when loaded in a new platform. Changes won’t be necessary for the old databases because they will be retained despite the changes offered by MySQL 5.5 and up. It means that file naming will not be a hassle and will save cPanel 11.44 users more time in loading their databases. New databases to be created, however, will comply with the changes assigned by the platform.


MySQL changes in cPanel 11.44 may be intimidating for users, but cPanel experts made it more convenient for users despite the changes. Seeing these changes also make the entire cPanel community excited about what the new version release will offer.