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4/27/2015 – Use the Java ClockMaker in cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 27 04 2015.

java1If you want to place digital clock in your web pages, cPanel offers Java Clockmaker that has several features that can outlast other online clocks and timers. Not only can you modify its settings, but you can also customize its appearance, theme, and color. Here are how to’s on how to create a clock and set up a countdown or countup timer. Read on.


How to create a Java clock


  1. Go to CGI Center and click on the Clock button.
  2. In the dropdown list provided under the TimeZone area, choose a timezone that you want to use.
  3. And in the TimeFormat dropdown list, choose a display of the clock.
  4. In the Border dropdown list, choose whether you want to place a border or not.
  5. And if you want the date to be shown, then choose the proper choice in the Show Date dropdown list.
  6. Now, if you want to change your clock’s display colors, you can choose your prefered color in the Foreground Color and Background Color. If you want help with color combination, you can always Google any matching colors that suit your website’s theme.
  7. Click the Make HTML button at the bottom of the dropdown lists to see the preview of the clock you just created. This will create the HTML code that you need to make the tool work. If you are not happy with the appearance, you can always go back to the ClockMaker and alter whatever you want to be changed.
  8. If you are satisfied with the results and display, copy the HTML code and paste it to your web page where you want to place it.
  9. Upload the HTML page to see if the clock if working.


How to use the Java CountDown or CountUp Maker


Note: Unlike the Java ClockMaker, this tool does not have that much feature to customize the appearance of your timer. It does have its own limitations; however, if you know how to code or write scripts, you can always be creative with this utility. Now to set up a countdown or countup, follow these steps below:


  1. Go to the CGI Center and click on the Countdown icon.
  2. In the TimeZone dropdown list, choose a particular time zone for your clock.
  3. In the Month, Hour, Day, Year dropdown lists, select the complete date that you want to to count down or up.
  4. To see the preview of the clock you created, click on the Make HTML button. Recheck your time and date to see if you have entered the right clock.
  5. Once everything is properly set and you are happy with the display, copy the HTML code and paste it to your web page.
  6. Upload the new HTML page so you can see the results and test if the code is working.


With clock and counter on your web page, it is easier for your visitors to see your time zone and be able to connect with you during waking hours. It updates every time you or your visitor loads and refreshes the page.