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4/26/2013 – cPanel & WHM 11.30’s Omega

Posted by Jamison on 26 04 2013.

Everything has an end and that includes different software programs offered for people nowadays. Numerous individuals use specific application platforms that are beneficial for their businesses and other needs. In setting a website and site management, cPanel and WHM are the primary components that can be useful for individuals who plan to engage on this type of business.


According to recent report, cPanel stated that the version 11.30 has reached its EOL or also known as End-of-Life. As it reaches its Omega, it is an indicator that it is the right time to move on and take advantage of moving on to a new solution.


Defining End of Life


Even before understanding why there is a need to use another cPanel version, it would be best to know first what does EOL means. When a cPanel version reached its EOL, it means that the developer will not deliver updates on the platform as well as support it on their network.


Operating systems continue to change with all the developments that experts come up nowadays. In order to keep up with the changes and users’ demands, cPanel must deliver updates that make its solutions more useful and promote efficiency among its users. However, cPanel will cease offering updates on the version 11.30, which leads them to advising everyone to migrate to newer version, preferably the latest one to continue receiving updates and support.


Why updates are important?


Countless people do not think that updates are helpful for their platforms or other programs. Updates have fixes focused on bugs that were experienced in released version of their platforms in the process. Several users report common problems about their platforms and cPanel experts come up with fixes for these common problems through updates.


Aside from regular fixes, cPanel also releases updates that make these platforms that promote stability. With stable platforms, clients will be assured that their cPanel and WHM will not have problems.


What happens next after cPanel declares EOL for 11.30?


Since they will not release any updates, cPanel recommends users who use these versions to upgrade to a newer platform. What they need to do is to download the newer version and migrate their data from the old one to the new installation. With cPanel, it is designed to make migration easy to use so they can use the new platforms with ease.


What if there are problems with migration?


Even if cPanel is made with the best programming structure, it is inevitable that some problems would occur in migrating their data. cPanel offers some fixes on these migration problems but they also prepare for it by releasing a contact detail where users can create a trouble ticket on the migration. Users indicate the problems experienced on these platforms and aid people in fixing them. Once fixed, they can continue with their regular web and system administrative tasks.


Version 11.30 undoubtedly helped numerous web owners and administrators for more than a year. However, everything comes to an end and support updates are now unavailable for this version. It would be deleted on their mirrors so new users will not download them in the future.