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4/25/2014 – Custom Build Your Dedicated Server

Posted by Jamison on 25 04 2014.

Dedicated servers are great investments for every website owner who have expanding business. If you will notice, large corporations have dedicated servers to deal with their network needs and support all their web services.


If your business already expanded and will benefit more from dedicated servers, keep in mind that you have an option to customize your own dedicated server package. This will help you get the right dedicated server according to your needs. Take note of the following procedures to obtain right server that suit your requirements.


Understand your needs


Dedicated servers are great for expanding businesses, but they also cost a great deal of money. It is best to know your requirements from the very beginning. You might want to consider whether you actually need it or not. If you do, you can cut down the cost by limiting your options to your actual needs. These services are upgradable in time anyway. Evaluate the number of servers that you need and other add-ons to invest on.


Get proposals from service providers


You may be aware of regular hosting services, but a dedicated server is different, especially if you want to build it yourself. If you’re not aware of your option, you may want to talk to a dedicated server provider to know their offers and match the customizations with your needs. Discuss your line of business and its size to make sure you will get the best dedicated server plan.


Note the customizations you need


After discussing or researching about your option, you can start considering the main part of your dedicated server, which is comprised of the following:


  • Hardware. Just like in computers, hardware refers to the physical parts that make up your server. Customizable components include brands that make chassis, processor, hard drive, memory, network, RAID, firewalls and others. Choose the most remarkable brands within your budget or required resources.


  • Software. This refers to the operating system running inside server and supporting different processes. Common options include Windows, Linux, Ubuntu and others. Go for the most comfortable software for you.


Order necessary add-ons if necessary


Optional add-ons come with server packages. They are plugins usually installed for maintenance purposes like server monitoring, security patches, backups, system administrations, and many more. Other add-ons offered with managed servers can also be added to the package for your convenience.


However, keep in mind that add-ons are additional expenses for your business. Be sure to know the plugins you need to save money if you’re in slight budget constraints.


Get your dedicated server built


Once you have selected your options, you can start asking a server provider to build your server. You will receive notifications if the server is ready for you to use. If you’re obtaining a dedicated server from the same shared hosting provider, you can easily migrate your accounts without having problems with the procedure.


Dedicated servers can be customized according to your requirements. Consider your needs and choices to get the best plan that fit your budget. You can maximize its benefits for your business without excessive cost.