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4/24/2014 – The Power of the Cloud on Your Server

Posted by Jamison on 24 04 2014.

CloudLinux is a well-known cPanel add-on that deserves the attention it receives from users. It is also a highly recommended plugin by many cPanel partners due to its effectiveness in boosting efficiency, density and maximizing profit by decreasing churn rates.


CloudLinux’s features are credited for its technologies built by professionals in the field. They integrated advancements that users find highly beneficial for their businesses. The following are some of the technologies that come with this cPanel plugin.




As its name defines, CageFS is like a cage that isolate each user from each other. It keeps neighbors from viewing confidential information saved in the server. More than just file protection, CageFS also aids in protecting virtualized servers from attacks like disclosure attacks and privilege escalation, which is the common cause of file unauthorized access in between users.


Through isolation, hosting clients can protect their servers from the “bad neighbor effect.” This prevents server users from being associated with other users considered as “bad neighbors,” which affect their server and website’s integrity. As long as this protection is enabled, users will be free from worries in terms of unauthorized access or file disclosures.


The good thing about CloudLinux is it makes this feature an easy to use system minus the need for script changes or tweaks.




Host providers promise utmost protection from potential attacks. However, CloudLinux boosts security by offering SecureLinks, a kernel-level advancement that detects and prevents symbolic link attacks that affect servers. This enhancement is a vital tool to use and a great investment that comes with CloudLinux.


Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE) Limits


CloudLinux grants its users with complete control over server resources to guarantee clients will maximize their servers’ performance. Controlled resources include memory, CPU, IO, connection limits, and many more. Gaining control over these resources keep abusers from taking over these vital components and offer more for their good clients.


MySQL Governor


As the name implies, MySQL Governor is like a virtual monitoring expert that oversees and tracks resource and MySQL database usage in real-time. Similarly with SecureLinks, MySQL Governor prevents abusers to assure users with good profiles can take advantage of these features. Once detected, this CloudLinux technology can throttle abusers and maintain stability within the server.


PHP Selector


PHP Selector maximizes PHP usage by enabling users to choose the PHP versions they prefer, which satisfies clients. CageFS empowers this feature and extends superb functionality for everyone wishing to gain control over their PHP usage. CloudLinux professionals also made this technology more advanced by updating it regularly, which makes webpages more secure than before or without using this technology.


Every internet entrepreneur or even regular website owners need the best cPanel add ons to stay competitive in today’s cutthroat online industry. CloudLinux comes with a long list of technological advancements that boost security, performance and efficiency for users. Fortunately, this add on is available with cPanel through partners or from the control panel developer itself. Check its features in detail and see how this plugin will benefit your website and business.


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