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4/23/2015 – Use cPanel’s Advanced Guestbook

Posted by Jamison on 23 04 2015.

Sometimes, you may feel like your simple guestbook may need a few revamp and touches—some features that could effectively boost whatever this tool have been offering you. That said, you need to level up and use advanced guestbook. Good thing, cPanel does offer both. So if you feel the need to offer your visitors and readers a breakthrough when it comes to communicating with them, don’t waste another minute and let’s start setting up this awesome feature.


  1. Login to your cPanel account.
  2. Go to Software/Services section and click on the Softaculus icon.
  3. Look for the search box just at the upper right corner of the screen and type in Advanced Guestbook. Once found, click it from the drop down list.
  4. Time to install the application. However, it is best to also read what is written inside this page in order to get to know what this tool has in store for you. Here you can read overviews and reviews, learn about its properties, watch demos, and even rate the product based on your experience. Now to install the program, click the Install section at the upper left area of the screen. This will open the fields that needed few information.
  5. On the Choose Protocol field, select a domain prefix of your choice. Click the drop-down arrow and choose your domain prefix.
  6. On the Choose Domain field, choose a domain that you want to use from the drop-down box.
  7. Type in or look for the directory with which you want to install the program. However, if you want this tool to remain in the root of your website, better leave this In Directory box blank.
  8. If you want to name your database, enter your preferred name in the Database Name field; otherwise, you can just leave whatever is written on the box as is, as well.
  9. Type in the Administrator details that you want to use. As for the password, you can create your own strong password, or you can also use the system’s password generator by clicking on the key icon beside the Admin Password box.
  10. Now that everything is set, click the Install button and that’s pretty much it.


The next page will show you the details of the Advanced Guestbook. Read it and learn more about the program. To start using the application, click on the URL link and this will redirect you the newly installed software. Or you can also go to the admin panel and click on the Admin URL. It will do just the same.


Note: If the Advanced Guestbook is not available on your site, you can always contact your hosting provider and talk to them about the matter.


With advanced guestbook, you can now receive email notifications, upload pictures, write html tags, and even insert emoticons. It supports different languages and codes, and help you modify your simple guestbook better. Using this program is also much easier and understanding codes are fairly straightforward, as well.