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4/22/2015 – Upload New Banners and Add Rotating Banners

Posted by Jamison on 22 04 2015.

If you want to post different banners, logos, and advertisements in your website, using entropy banners can help you with achieving this goal. Entropy banner offers an exciting feature that lets you rotate more banners and images in one web page. Not only does this utility gives you the freedom to post as much as 12 pictures or advertisements in a page, but it also attracts the eyes of your visitors and readers—paving way to entertain them and be able to get to know your website and services more through your banners. This article will show you how to upload banners, control their schedule, and add rotating banners. Read on and learn how.


How to upload new banners


With Entropy Banners, you can upload new ones, replace old ones whenever you want to. You can also specify those that you still want to use and keep it with the new banners. Follow these steps below on how to upload new banners.


  1. Go to the CGI Center and click on the Entropy Banner icon.
  2. Click the Add Banner(s) button.
  3. Click the Browse button and look for the banners or images that you would want to use in your web page.
  4. To replace existing files with new ones simply click on the Overwrite Existing Files box.
  5. Once you have selected the banners or images, click the Upload button to upload the files.
  6. Upload the web page and then test the script if it’s working.  And that’s it.
  7. Now, if you want to delete a banner image, simply click the Delete button.


How to control the banner’s schedule


Note: If you are looking for a way on how to rearrange their rotation order, there is no other way for now but to delete files and re-upload them according to the arrangement that you want them to appear. However, you can control how often a particular image will pop in your page.


  1. To set priority on the image, go to Modify rotation.
  2. Click each picture and set it to High, Medium, or Low, and then click the Save button. This part is optional.
  3. If you also want to place URLs for each banner, enter the URLs in the Linked to text box and then save it. This will determine the location where you want your visitors to be redirected when they click the image. However, if you think it’s unnecessary, just skip this step instead.


How to add rotating banners


This is the easiest part of this tutorial as you are only going to copy+paste texts. Simply copy the text the starts with <!–#include virtual and ends with — >. And lastly, paste it into the HTML file wherein you want to place the banner.


Note: For all of these tutorials, make sure that you are using the .shtm or .shtml file extension. If you are using .htm or .html, all of these will just be useless. Thus, change your file extension first to either .shtm or .shtml.