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4/21/2015 – Setup Entropy Banners in cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 21 04 2015.

If you are a visitor of a particular website, do you prefer to see different designs in it? Say you are a repeat visitor, wouldn’t it be nice to see revolving banners every time you drop by? This is what Entropy Banner offers to your readers and customers—the kind of attention that makes your audience feel they are well-thought; that you took the time to at least entertain their eyes with even for a short while. If you want to set up this utility, follow our how to’s below.


Setting up an entropy banner


With entropy banner, you can upload and remove files, and set priority on your banner or pictures. This utility is so advanced that you can even place URLs where you want a particular picture to fall through. To create an entropy banner, follow these steps below.


  1. Go to the CGI Center and click on the Entropy Banner icon.
  2. Copy the designated tab and paste it in your preferred web page.
  3. If your web page is using extensions such as .htm or .html, you should change in to .shtml. This file extension is needed in order to use the Server Side Includes or SSI.
  4. Once changed, click the Add Banner(S) button.
  5. Look for the Browse…buttons and then search for the banner that you want to upload. Select the banners and enter them into the available fields.
  6. If you opt to replace existing files that are of the same name, click the Overwrite Existing files box.
  7. Click the Upload button once you have selected all of the banners you wish to use.
  8. Upload your web page and then start testing if the script is working. If you want to change the URLs or set priority of the images, skip this step and move on to the next step.
  9. Click the Modify Rotation button.
  10. To set priority, choose a particular image and set it to High, Medium, or Low.  If you are satisfied with your arrangement, click the Save button. Do the same instructions to all of the images to organize an ascending or descending arrangement.
  11. In the Linked to area, type in the URL for each banner and then click the Save button.
  12. Upload your web page and then test if the script is working. And that’s it.


Entropy banner is not just like any ordinary banner. It gives the website owner the ability to attract more visitors and readers through visual stimulation. Aside from banners, you have the chance to post different advertisements and logos with this utility. So if you have affiliate marketers who would want to use your site as their advertising campaign, this tool will give you the freedom to do so, complete with the flexibility to modify and be creative with how you post each advertisement.


After setting up an entropy banner, you also need to learn how to upload new banners, how to control your banners’ schedule, and how to add rotating banners in your website—all of which are provided in our next tutorials.