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4/19/2013 – Build a Flash Website with TrendySiteBuilder

Posted by Jamison on 19 04 2013.

People stepped into the modern age where design is quite important, particularly for websites. With more businesses competing in the industry, it is crucial to catch a website visitor early on and make them stick to your business. TrendySiteBuilder helps you create flash websites that help you promote your brand for business or other goals online.


To know more about how this cPanel addon works for you, here are some of its notable features you will find beneficial in building your website.


Appealing flash-enabled websites


Flash websites are considered the most appealing websites today because of its effects. Flash design makes it more interactive and attracts people to visit the site regularly. TrendySiteBuilder makes the dream of having a flash website come true with ease.


Boosting its feature, it allows you to create up to a hundred pages of flash-enabled pages, making it the right option in preparation for your expanding business. As time goes by, you need to add more pages and setting it up with flash in general, which make it more consistent for better branding.


Aside from flash effects on each page, you can also embed various multimedia elements that promote its appeal in the process. Place videos and images with ease and create a more visual appealing site than the usual.


SEO customizable factors

SEO or search engine optimization paves your way in challenging search engine rankings. With this cPanel add-on, you can customize your website’s META description, title and keywords easily and be more search engine-friendly to boost your business’ ranking.


Let multimedia work for you


Visual appeal is incomplete without integrating multimedia factors on your flash websites. With this addon, you can take advantage of different multimedia elements that boost your website’s overall appeal. Integrate videos from YouTube with ease, create image galleries with 3D effects, and play videos and music with the media player directly on your page.


Welcome with a bang


You may have seen a lot of websites with a spokesperson welcoming visitors and introducing the website. These virtual spokespersons leave an impression to everyone who see them and hear their introductions. You can create your own spokesperson thanks to TrendySiteBuilder.


Connect with your visitors


Your business relationship starts with connecting to your readers. This add-on allows you to connect in various ways like social media integration like Facebook and Twitter and get viral with social bookmarking apps. Personal connection can also be made with the contact page, which allows your readers to reach you without problems. Moreover, you can customize your page by setting holiday greeting cards for a personal connection with visitors.


Pres-set designs


If it is your first time to build a website, you will probably have problems coming up with the right design for your page. TrendySiteBuilder offers more than a hundred stock yet unique designs that will be perfect way to kick start your page.


TrendySiteBuilder becomes your partner in building a trendy website to compete in today’s online world. These are just some of the features you will get and consider as a great investment together with cPanel.


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