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4/16/2015 – Install the Interchange Shopping Cart

Posted by Jamison on 16 04 2015.

Buying and selling online wouldn’t be as convenient as it is today if not for the online shopping cart feature found on almost every website. If you want to compete with other online store, then it is important that your website also has a shopping cart. If not, then handling your costumers purchase would be an immensely labor intensive task that would require more money than what you could possibly earn by selling stuff online.


Even though the shopping cart is only a very small part of a website, without having one would be very inconvenient not only for the buyer but for the site administrator as well. Having a shopping cart that automatically computes the quantity, unit price, shipping and total price is an accommodation that customers are really happy to have. Not only does it provide the costumers with an update on what they have ordered but also gives them information about the cost and how much they will be paying for both the item and shipping.


Installing a shopping cart


There are a lot of service providers in the market that are offering a shopping cart software, however cPanel already has its own built in shopping cart that can easily be installed from the cPanel admin interface.


To install the cPanel built in software, you must navigate to cgi-scripts or add on scripts. From there you should be able to find a link to the Interchange software installation. Clicking on the link will automatically install the software into your cPanel admin control panel allowing you to later add it into your website.


What you should know


Interchange is a very powerful software that provides full support for their clients. It is a full function, feature packed software that has been in the market for a long time. They had serviced millions of people and has successfully produced numerous sales and profit. Despite that, the software has been known to have a few issues when used together with cPanel. However, the issues can be resolved by a few technical twitches.


There had been known issues regarding wrong links and error messages popping out. Although the error can be temporarily corrected by resetting the shopping cart software, a long-term solution can be achieved by personally troubleshooting the software’s coding or hiring a professional programmer to do it for you.


Adding the software to your website also requires basic knowledge on HTML programming. Although it may not be that complicated, but for those who has no background in HTML, it may be a lot more complicated.


As mentioned earlier, Interchange is one of the best shopping cart software in the market and it is also one of the most equipped software as well. On the other hand, you must be prepared to either spend a little more on programming or do the coding yourself. Even though it requires a few more extra steps to get it up and running, you are guaranteed that you and your costumers will be happy with the end result.